Love attracts love. Just as like attracts like. If there is no love to begin with, then no love will be drawn towards it. So if you do not love yourself, then love will not be drawn to you. If you do love yourself but you do not think too highly of yourself (and yes, that is possible), then you will attract love, but that love will be beneath you.

When I say beneath you — I am not talking about a socialite attracting a car mechcanic…or a housewife and a convicted crimminal. But a person attracts a person who will not be for his or her highest good. The love will not add to life, but take away.

To add means that love makes you feel good about who you are – it supports you – is your friend. It doesn’t mean, however, that all is fabo and problems never crop up. To take away is to make you feel bad about yourself more times than not. It brings out jealously, anger, and sometimes obbsession.

Your love vibration attracts the same love vibration. Sometimes that means no one is currently attracted to you. This does not mean there is something wrong with you. Rather, there is no one to match your vibrational level.

Now if you do not love yourself or do not think highly of yourself as mentioned in the beginning, then if anyone is attracted to you it will be people who either do not love themselves or do not think highly of themselves.

Think about it for a second – how can attracting someone who doesn’t love or think highly of themselves help you at all with your life? How can they add to your life at all? They can’t.

So the next time you are looking for love, do yourself a favor and work on yourself first. Then you will attract a person who will add to your life.

Love attracts love.

Don’t forget it!

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