The Love Altar

The Love Altar

Invite love and passion into your love life by creating a love altar in the southwest corner of your bedroom.

On a table or shelf, place a vase with silk or real flowers, and two red or pink candles (one on each side of the vase), for some good love mojo. Write a poem or copy one you like and prop it up behind the vase & against the wall or screen.

On the altar, place several:

  • rose quartz (for love)
  • seashells (representing the feminine aspect)
  • pearls (lasting love)
  • garnets or rubies (passion and constancy)

You could also add two red peppers for an added spice to your sex life.

If you are looking for a love: place an item that represents a loving couple on the altar.

If you have a love: place a picture (where you are both happy) in a prominent place on the altar.

Once you have found love – make sure you transform your altar to reflect it.

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