Love At Any Age

Love At Any Age

True love can hit anyone at any age. I’m amazed at the people who don’t think older adults need love and intimacy. The power of touch is scientifically proven to enhance not only physical health, but mental and emotional health too. If a baby need touch and an adult needs touch – why wouldn’t an older adult need touch?

There is no stronger energy than love – especially true love. True love is not conditioned based. It is not driven by the “need” to always be with someone so much that you’re considered a body part. True love is loving someone for who they are and being your own person when they are around (or not around). True love enhances your life – it doesn’t take away from it.

So if love is so grand and needed – why wouldn’t older adults want love?

Nursing homes and retirement communities already find themselves snowed under with older adults finding love and pursuing intimant connections. As the baby boomers age, I hope that they discover how to deal with senior citizen sexiness. I hope that the places hire someone to come in and talk to the employees about sex.

Back to the original point of this post – love at any age.

Many people feel that if they do not find true love by the time they hit 25, 30 or even 40 their lives are doomed to loneliness forever. I’ve always said – bull shit. Love can arrive at any age – the trick is to ignore the media BS and be open to love.

Here’s a story that a client sent in about her grandma:

My recently-deceased grandmother fell in love for the first time, as she herself exulted, at age 83. He was 73 then and her neighbor. They were ga-ga for each other. Their connection reminded me of my love and me actually, and their closeness was touching. I hope nobody has to wait as long as she did but it proves real love can happen at any age and it’s never too late. (He looks younger too, could pass for being in his 60s.) We think their relationship added about five years to her life (she was 90 when she died). Blessedly, his mind is almost gone and 10 minutes after they told him my grandmother had passed, he forgot. We should all be so lucky to have only 10 minutes of that kind of grief.

I know of others who met their true love in their 50’s and 60’s. The biggest thing is you have to be open to it (at any age) for love.

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