You need:

A green candle for every number that needs picked

Pen and Paper (or form you use to play lotto)

One pinch of Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Basil


Three nights before you are to play lotto, combine the herbs in a non-metal bowl – set aside. Next light a green candle for every number that you need to pick. Once all of the candles are lit – gaze into each flame one at a time and write down the first number that comes to your mind. Once you are finished writing out the numbers, sprinkle the herb mixture over the paper while you visualize yourself winning the lottery. When you have the image in your mind of the win – hold it for three minutes.

Let the candles burn out – or if you must extinguish them – snuff them out. Leave the herb mixture on the paper for three days and dust off when you are ready to play your numbers.

After you play – detach yourself from what you desire and let the Universe take over from here.

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