Lonely people and alone people alike contact me about relationship advice. On the surface it may appear that the two categories are the same. A lonely person is alone and if a person is alone he or she is lonely – right?

Ahhhhhh…not exactly.

A lonely person can be in a relationship or be single. A lonely person is someone who looks outside of themselves for happiness. It is up to another person to being happiness, joy, and love in their life. A lonely person can be with a crowd and still be lonely. When one feels this way it is because he or she is disconnected from the soul. Being disconnected from the soul means that one is cut off from the ever-present life-force around them. No matter what a lonely person does, until he or she can look to within for comfort, love and happiness – they will always be lonely.

An alone person is a person without anyone around them. They do not look for others to make them happy, to feel love, or comfort. Being alone means that person is ok with being by themselves. Outside influences, while nice, are not a requirement like it is with a lonely person. Alone is a state of being, it is not a state of mind. An alone person is in touch with his or her soul, is connected to the ever-present life-force and does not feel lonely. Out with a group of people, in a long term relationship, hanging with friends and family is something an alone person does do. But if he or he is by themselves for any period of time – whether it is overnight or 10 yrs, he or she is ok with it.

Do you see the difference?

How would you classify yourself – lonely or alone?

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