Past Lives, Present Headaches

Past Lives, Present Headaches

Have you ever known someone who has not been the best influence on you or your happiness – and you just can’t let go of them? You go back and back and back. For the life of you (or anyone who knows you) you cannot figure out why in the heck you cannot let go of this person and get a life – and a love – that is good for you.

Well I know why — it’s a past life or two or three…

…that is causing your present headache.

I know – how fair is that?

In a nutshell – it’s not. But it is what it is.

When you keep coming back to the SAME PERSON (not the same TYPE of person) it’s because of a past life connection you share. It does NOT mean you’re soul mates/twin flames. What it means is that the two of you have been together before and the soul never forgets. Could it also mean that the two of you have karma to work out? Of course.

You can tell if you two have karma to work out, you guys keep rehashing the same problem. Once that problem is resolved, karma is complete and you can move forward. You know if the karma is complete by looking at your feelings about the relationship. If you could care less if you see them, talk to them or have sex with them – then the karma is complete and you’re just sticking around because you are used to them – used to the connection (because of the past life/lives) – it’s familiar. The thought of going it on your own is both thrilling and scary.

So the next time you keep sticking around or going back to, a lover that is not in your best interest, consider your past lives together.

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