Life Path, Allie and Change!

Life Path, Allie and Change!

I’m a work in progress – we all are. And being a work in progress there are things that dawn on me. Things that I should have known – or maybe at one time did consciously know – but forgot again. The latest to dawn on me is if we are not following the path we’re supposed to than our inner light dims. If our light dims then they win. Now you ask — who is “they”? “They” can be anyone you want them to me — for me they = bad guys = negativity. That’s who I think “they” are.

What keeps a person from following their path? Fear? The unknown? Confusion? Comfort? Being too scared to follow your path and being too comfortable with life to follow your path are both in the same – bad. What about not following your path because you listen too much on what others have to say – or you are a people pleaser and your need to please others outweighs your own needs.

So what happens when you don’t follow your path in this life? Is that the path that you’ll have to follow in the next life – on top of the path you were supposed to follow in that life? Or is everything pushed back meaning there are more lives you will have to live?

See – this stuff runs through my mind. For better or for worse – this is what keeps me up some times.

Of course then I have to ask myself about my path. When I throw it out there – I hear the word creative. Everything else is an appendage of the creativity – the readings, workshops, sex coaching – all an offshoot.

So when you ask about your path – what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Healing? Helpful? Inquisitive? Curious? It should really boil down to one word. Everything else radiates outward. Think of your path as the center of the sun – with all of the way you can accomplish that path as the sun’s rays.

Makes you think. It made me think anyways.

Applying for jobs all over the place. Surprisingly, I found a bunch of job openings in my immediate area. Fingers crossed that I get one. What will happen to all of this if I do? Don’t know. I really don’t.

Have a great week!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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