Life in the 1920's and Archangel Raphael!

Life in the 1920's and Archangel Raphael!

I’m in a dark place – like a room with the lights turned off – no windows. I see a light – a door opens and light streams through like a beacon. I cautiously move my way to the door and push it open. The light is blinding – I have to squint. When I can finally see, I discover that I’m on a city sidewalk. By my dress, it appears to be life in the 1920’s. There are children playing and a row of Brownstones in front of me. I don’t know why – but I am to enter 809 – so I go to the door and knock. No one answers. It’s unlocked so I enter. I call out – hello? No one answers. So I call out again. Nothing. This place feels familiar – like it is in a previous vision – the one where Bill (Frank) killed Ted (Nick). I move past the front staircase and go towards what I’m guessing is a kitchen. I open it and there he is – Nick.

Hi love – he says. I say hi yourself. He comes over and gives me a big kiss. Should I be here – I ask? He laugh and says – why not? That’s when Frank comes through the back door and grabs by butt – kiss me on the cheek. He goes over to Nick and asks what he’s making. Seems Nick likes to cook. He places some cornbeef on rye sandwiches down on the kitchen table. We all sit down.

The room morphs into a underground tunnel. My stomach is upset and I feel very scared. I’m running as fast as I can and I can hear Frank screaming at me – get back here.

Next thing I know – I’m running to a police station. This is still in the 1920’s. I can see things fast forward (so very odd looking) and I’m now in a cabin in the woods – in the middle of no where. I’m alone and this is still the 1920’s. I hear a knock at the door. It’s nighttime. My dog is going crazy. I open it and someone says – hi Sara. Next thing I hear is a gun going off and a sharp pain in my chest.

I’m in the clouds. I see Archangel Raphael. I ask him – why did I have to see that part of the past life. Doesn’t anything good come out of it? He replies that many good things come out of it and I will see all – in time – when I am meant to. He wants me to follow him – so I do.

We walk trough a door and I am in a hospital. There are many sick children around, this looks to be a third-world country. I look at him and ask what does he want? He tells me to move to my destiny. I don’t know why- but I can sense that he wants me to cast a blanket healing. One that will encompass all in the room. The realization of that made me shudder – like I was cold. I close my eyes and hold my hands out – palm up. Light pours from my hands to encircle every child in this large – dormitory -style room. My hands are tingling and are very hot. When I am finished Archangel Raphael nods his head and we exit. We are back in the clouds.

He tell me that he is pleased that I have finally taken ownership of my gift and that I am now offering to be of service to others. He mentions though – that I really need to finish whatever part of the current book I need to. Then get the essences down before the next week is out. I asked him if he could please supply me with the energy I need to perform these tasks. He sends a very warm and inviting light into my body. I ask if this will help me with the little sleep I will get. He smiles and says yes.

I can hear a phone ringing in the distance. He smiles and says that is the call I’ve been waiting for. With that – I’m done.

Interesting – no?

I find it interesting that the 1920’s keeps popping up. I really do wish I’d see more good stuff than bad from that period. I guess I made my mistake when Ted/Nick makes a move on me:) I hope to get more done this weekend in regards to the essences and the book. I don’t want to drink more coffee than I already do – so I hope that the extra energy I got in the session kicks in!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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