Letters, Ted's Health And Outside My Comfort Zone!

Letters, Ted's Health And Outside My Comfort Zone!

Well, my letters to God and the Divine have been working. I feel better and I feel — lighter. Last night I wrote that I wish to give up my fears in all areas, including my career. I asked to have things brought to me, even if it is outside my comfort zone. So what happened? I get a call today from the College of Wooster to talk to a class about psychic readings & predictions in Sept. Now you know how camera shy I am and how much I hate to be the center of any attention — well — you can imagine how much talking to a group of people is outside my comfort zone. But I’m going to do it. I’m supposed to or this nice professor would have never have called me. Once I get going I’ll be fine — it’s the first 10 minutes that I’m worried about:)

I have also been asked to provide details to a web site who goals are to become the most popular self-improvement site on the net. They are going to list me in the experts right along with Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, etc….boy — talk about keeping good company!

The “Help Allie Win” campaign appears to be going well. Keep watching that clip and keep telling your friends! Me in front of a camera, in front of a group of people?? Slamming two – outside my comfort zones – in one swoop! That’s exactly what I need!

The erotica audio stuff is moving right along. It’s all going good and I’m excited for the launch! If you think about it — this too will put me outside my comfort zone! I’m in charge of all the interviews for the states and Canada! Yep, by this time next year (heck, by the end of 2006), my comfort zone will be widened and I can move on to other things that scare the crap out of me!

My iodine mole project is still going well. I’ve started to put the iodine on a mole that has been on the left side of my head for as long as I can remember. Every time I apply the iodine, it feels as if someone is driving a stake right through my head. On fact, since I started this a few days ago, I have been getting more headaches, as the mole shrinks. This definitely tells me that this was a negative attachment. I have a feeling that the smaller the mole gets, the greater my gifts will become. Stay tuned!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the similarity of twins and their thoughts, connections etc…and me, Bill and Ted. Twins can access their twins thoughts, memories, dreams — when one twin gets hurt, the other one can feel it. They have the same likes, dislikes a lot – at least the identical twins. Bill, Ted and I have many of the same quirks, dislikes, likes, etc… They get hurt, I feel it. They are in pain – of any kind – I know it. The get sexually turned on — I know it. I’m sure that the same happens to them from me or from the other guy. But I know what’s going on and I’ve learned how to alter my energy field.

I don’t smoke. I never did really but some experimenting back in high school. But I love to kiss a man who is drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. I don’t know why – there’s a taste about it that I just love. It’s the combo – not one or the other. Bill and Ted, yep — smoke and drink beer. Of course, LOTS of men do — but if given a choice between a man with minty fresh breath and the beer/smoke combo – the combo wins every time. This is more of an observation than anything else.

I had a real shortness of breath the other day, a panic attack just about. I knew it wasn’t me – I wasn’t the one triggering this. So I threw up my white light, adjusted my own energy field and went to look at Ted. Sure enough, he was having a hard time breathing. I gave him a good dose of white light and went to look at that spot on his right lung, at the bottom. The tumor is getting bigger and he’s not doing a damn thing about it. I sent him more light and shrunk the tumor a bit – I will keep working on it. But I thought — if we can read each other’s thoughts — I’m just going to start screaming for him to see the doctor. I know that he has a butt load of work on his plate for the next six months, easy. But he’s got to get to a doctor. I’ll keep doing what I can. I just wish that Bill would pick up the phone and call Ted. I know that Bill knows or senses the tumor. I know he knows.

That’s what I’ll do — that’s what I will write about to my letter to God this evening. This isn’t something that I can control, so I will ask for help. Say a prayer for Ted, will you? I’ve got to get him to the doctor.

Time to go get my son at preschool/day care. Where did the day go?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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