Let Your Fingers Do The Stroking!

Let Your Fingers Do The Stroking!

The whole body has the capacity to be erogenous, and nowhere is this truer than in our fingertips. In acupuncture, the meridians that carry energy through the body end in the fingertips, so they are able to relay energy from other parts of your body in a very precise way.

In this practice, you will be using each fingertip as a magic wand to convey the energy of the giver (you) to the receiver. This is not a massage. The connection is as much electrical as physical . Let your fingertips be the sensory antennae through which you can “read” your partner’s body, discovering & stimulating the most sensual place!

Play soft, sensual music.

You vigorously rub the palms of your hands together to build up warmth and energy in them. Using your fingertips like the peacock feather, lightly touch your partner’s body all over. The touching should be extremely subtle, barely stroking the skin.

You may want to try making little circles and strokes on the skin’s surface. This can generate a palpable electricity that for your partner’s feels as if the skin is effervescent. If your partner does not feel anything, try long, deep strokes at first, followed by lighter ones, and finally come back to fingertip touching.

Let your fingers dance in rhythm with your partner’s responses so that gradually his or her body becomes heightened with tingling excitement. Touch all the erotic parts of the body, both the usual and the unusual: behind the ears; on the eyelids, above and below the eyes; on the lips; inside the elbows and the wrists; on the palms of the hands; around and on top of the nipples and the navel; around the public area; inside the thighs; behind the knees; inside the ankles; under the feet; and on the other special places you will discover.

Once you have covered the whole body with light caresses, stand above your partner, straddling the waist and facing his or her head, lean down, and with both hands energetically sweep from the navel up across the chest, down the shoulders and arms with tandem flowing motions, inhaling and exhaling as you do so. Repeat movements three and four times with the aim of connecting all the parts of the upper body. Then take a couple of sweeps back. Straddle his or her lower legs, and do the same light brushing movements, starting form the navel and sweeping down over the pelvis, thighs, legs, and feet.

Allow your partner to rest for a few minutes, then end this with a type of hug where you melt into each other’s arms. Ask your partner what he or she most enjoyed. Once explained – change roles.

End the whole practice with a full-body naked hug,

(and then see what transpires!)

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