Leap Of Faith, Dream Visits And The Meadow!

Leap Of Faith, Dream Visits And The Meadow!

I wanted to get to my session today as I’ve had that little birdie tell me to get a move on. I am immediately taken to the meadow. Archangel Michael is waiting for me. We greet one another and he asks me to walk with him. All around us are hints of a blossoming spring. He asks me if I remember my dreams from last night. I nod. He asks what stands out the most from my travels?

First I bring up Ted. I am walking through a house and he is sitting with his back to a window, head down, hands clasped together with his arms on his knees. He looks up and one of those heart-stopping smiles cross his face. He has on a black sweater with a high neck, blue jeans and his hair is longer. But what I remember even more than his smile, was the vivid green of his eyes. It was as if all of his energy was concentrated there – his soul trying to get me to notice — and I did. He gives me a great big hug. I tell him how happy I am to see him and that it is has been far too long. He agrees that it has been too long, but he had to settle a part of his life that was out of control. We stand there and just stare at one another for awhile, drinking in the appearance of the other, we convey how much we’ve missed one another. He asks me if I’ll walk with him. I thread my arm through his and we start to leave this home — and that is all I remember.

Next there is this house made of huge black tiles that had fallen into a crevice during a storm and mudslide. It was a deep crevice with trees, a stream, plenty of plants. Another man was there, one who I know I know, but I cannot remember who it was right now — he was stepping on the house tiles and making them move. I kept telling him to stop or he was going to get caught and banished. He told me not to worry so much. That sometimes you need to just take a chance.

I’m staying with a woman who is just graduating college. And it is time for me to move on. I go out to my Mini Cooper and there is a small child in it — when I get closer there is a man in the back, in my son’s booster seat. I start to yell for him to get out, but then I see that he has an infant sleeping on his chest. For some reason I knew that these 3 and a woman were homeless and they were using my car for shelter. As soon as I realized it was them, I let them stay. But the man was smoking in the Mini and that is a no-no. Not only because it’s my car but there are children there. So I make him give me the cig and I throw it out. I still remember the sting on my left palm from the hot ash. I get in the drivers side and now the mother is leaning into the passenger window. I tell them that they can stay in this cabin in a bit as the woman who owns it just graduated college and she will be drinking too much. She won’t even know that they are there – just make sure that they are gone in the morning.

I remember Bill being in a visit – but cannot remember what.

Next my son and I are in the Cooper and driving in Wooster. We are approaching the north end where Wal-Mart is located ( I don’t see the store, but I instinctively know that is where we’re at). A swift rain kicks in, windshield wipers go on, lights on. As we near a gas station on the right, I can see up ahead a horrible storm. The electricity is out past this station. I think about my computer being on at home with no electricity and that I hope the battery was holding in. Then I remembered that my husband was at home and we need to get there. As we approached the traffic light that was out, the storm picked up, everyone pulled over to the side of the road but us. Past that light was pure blackness. I cranked up the speed on my wipers, made sure my glasses were on, put on the high-beams. I creep up to the disabled traffic light, knowing full well if another vehicle is coming the other way we will not be able to see one another. So this was faith. I asked my son if he was ready – he said yes. I floored it — and woke up.

Archangel Michael asks me if I understand why I had those dream visits – in particular the last one. I think I understand them all. The last one is alerting me that my son and I are going to be thrown into the darkness, rather swiftly because of my husband, but if we keep our faith and move full steam ahead we will be fine. We will have to jump into the void of the unknown. Archangel smiles and says – that is correct.

Can I ask when this is going to happen? He shakes his head – no. But you are prepared for when it does. Hold to your faith, and to your son and always remember that you are never alone.

Bill and Ted are on the other side of the void, aren’t they? Archangel Michael simply smiles and fades away.

It would be nice to get a straight answer form someone:) Seems like angels and guides talk in code. I know that I have to figure things out, and I will — but it would be nice to have a straightforward hint. As I typed that I hear — you had the dream, that IS your hint.

Back to work I go! Today is parent’s lunch at school, so I get to go join my dude for food time!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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