Larry, The Meadow And GI Joe!

Larry, The Meadow And GI Joe!

I found myself not able to focus on my own, so I grabbed my wand for some much needed support. As soon as my hands grabbed a hold of both sides, the zaps of electricity started – a very strange feeling! Through a mist, I see my meadow. All in spring time bloom, it looked very lovely. Off to my right is Larry! He smiles at me as those blue eyes of his just twinkle with happiness to see me. We embrace and I tell him how glad I am to see him again — and that it’s been far too long! We walk through the grass, I ask him what has he been up to- he replies, a bit of work, but mostly just relaxing and taking a break from it all. He comments that I should do that. I laugh and say if I had the funds like you, I probably would. He says – in due time.

He asks me about my birthday. It was nice and quiet I reply, I even got a nap in:) But for my 40th I’d like to shake things up a bit and do something more exciting than sleeping. Although I did love that long overdue nap! Larry asks if I have heard from the guys yet. I tell him that if I had, he would surely know. That’s when he called me a smart ass and I just smiled. He grabs my hand and takes me towards a set of trees. The large tree in the middle I remember as being the one that Bill and I entered and traveled up on many occasions. He said no – not that one and he is walking towards another tree. But the is tree doesn’t “open” like the big tree does so I stop. He asks me if I trust him — and I say, of course. So he walks into the tree (like he is just a spirit) and I follow. What happens next can best be described as moving at the speed of light through the root systems. I could feel the different roots, but we were traveling so fast that I couldn’t tell which way was up. We exit and I see a river, with a nice big rock next to it.

We lie down on the rock, and he asks me if I remember this place. Barely I mention – why? Because it is the same place where one of my guides brought me and I was to come back to rejuvenate — and I didn’t. Ahhh..yes, now I remember. That is when the little fairies, gnomes and other woodland creatures appeared. Larry wanted me to close my eyes so that we could practice the telepathic connection. He says that I haven’t been connecting to him much – and I would agree. My connections seem to immediately go to Bill. But as I close my eyes, this little fairy keeps tickling my nose! So I shoo her away and concentrate on the sound of the river. I could sense another presence so I opened my eyes and there next to me is Bill! Larry opens his eyes and they shake hands with Bill thanking Larry for bring me here. Larry disappears and Bill leans down to kiss me – this is when it all disappears.

Standing in front of me now is my deceased Uncle Bernie. I ask – couldn’t you have waited just a few minutes? He smiles and says no or I would have. He tells me that time is running out and that I have to get my work done. Time is running out how I ask? Why do people keep telling me this but don’t tell me what’s coming up for me to be prepared for. He tells me to quit arguing with him and just get back to work. No more meetings with the guys until my work is done. I remind him that I didn’t ask to meet up with them, that is simply where the session took me. So he chimes in – and then the session took you to me. Now if you want to know what you need to be prepared for – find your staple remover. He left with an – I love you….and I was done.

Now – the whole staple remover thing is an inside joke. When I was about 11, I my friend and I spent the night at my grandma’s (Bernie and my dad’s mother). We stayed in his old room since it had bunk beds. On one of the beds sat a “GI Joe” doll. Being the curious girls we were, we wanted to see if Joe had a penis. Much to our dismay, his pants were stapled on. So we couldn’t check. That Christmas, my Uncle Bernie gave me a staple remover. No one got it but me and I laughed my butt off – as well as turned 10 shades of red. Grams must of told him what we were doing – LOL! So his mention of the staple remover could mean: my husband is going to cheat on me and I’ll find out or things are not what they appear. My money is on the last one. As we know – time will tell. But I will be cautious until whatever comes to light does.

And on that note – back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!

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