Larry, The Echo And The Unknown!

Larry, The Echo And The Unknown!

I am immediately taken into a large room. There are no buffers, so it echoes. It reminds me of a huge concrete,white dome. There are many, many seats that start in a circle and spiral down. I’m walking around, really looking at nothing when Larry appears. He smiles at me and says it’s about time. It is? I say. Yes he says, I’ve been waiting a very long time for you to find me — so yes, it’s about time. I stare at him and ask — so you know I’m real. Yes he says with a smile. Do you consciously know that I am real? He thinks about this one — I believe that I really know, I’m drawn to you – have been since that first time you made contact. But I didn’t know why until you let down your wall.

I had a wall? I look around as when we talk it echoes – very annoying. Larry realizes how annoyed I am and he takes me to a part of the wall. He raps his knuckles on it and it gives way like a door. We walk into a lavish room – straight out of an English Manor or castle. It’s a library. He has me sit on a greenish, plush couch. He takes my hand – you’ve had a wall up for so long that you don’t even realize that it is there. When you concentrated on you and not everyone else, you allowed the wall down far enough to let me enter.

So what does this mean – what or who are we to each other in this life? He shrugs – I don’t know that part yet. But what I do know is that we are to support and care for one another, no matter what life throws at us. Neither of us have had an easy time of it — but that’s what makes us strong.

There’s a light off in the distance. That’s my cue – love – the show must go on. He kisses me and leaves me with — make sure you stop by for another visit. With that — he’s gone.

So I’m sitting there thinking – what visits? I can’t remember any dream visits, although I must admit I’ve had a sense that we have been visiting all along.

I’m still in this room when Robert comes over. Thank you for trusting me – he says. I smile – you’re welcome. That’s not an easy thing for me to do — trust. He nods, I know. So what happens now? I want to know.

You keep moving up to the next level where you will meet new people who will be of help to you. Does this mean you’re leaving? No he says – earth bound people will help you. One thing leads to another and new doors will open. Keep cutting the ties that no longer suit you to make way for the new.

With that he leaves and I’m done!

I’ve noticed that when Larry is brought up or if I see or hear something that reminds me of him I start with that annoying energy trembling. So I know that this is important – this connection.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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