Lansing, Will And Energy!

Lansing, Will And Energy!

Today has just been a whirl of me trying to get caught up with work and attempting to put my house in order. Email — good Lord, I have at least 500 to wade through so who knows if and when I’ll get caught up there.

Lansing was just great. It was nice to see the other readers again and the many convention participants from the one in Midland last Sept. I had people come up to me all weekend and tell me that one of the reason they went to Lansing was to see me again. It was a really nice feeling. Thankfully Ben, Lindsey and Terra showed up so that I could eat. It was so crazy doing readings — non stop all day every day for me — that I didn’t have time to eat. So Terra gave me crackers to munch on and Ben & Lindsey gave me a chicken sandwich and fries on Sat & Sun. The readings went really well. There were only a few people that thought I was crazy with what I told them. I could tell by the glaze over their eyes when I spoke. I guess we’ll have to see what happens:)

My gypsy magic talk went fine and the OBE dream talk really went well. I had nothing prepared for the dream talk — I took in a couple of books and a page of notes – just in case – but going in I had no idea what direction to take the talk. I asked my guides and angels to just let it flow in the right direction and it did. I had many people come up to me and tell me how much they loved that talk — and many told Maria about it as well. That made me feel good:)

Every evening – and many times during the day my eyes were bloodshot red. Even with using some eye drops – they still turned a nice shade of red. You would have thought that I was on something – but I wasn’t. It was just a very draining weekend — but a good one.

Speaking of my eyes – more than one person said I had an extra spark in my eyes that was missing before. And I was told that my energy was really strong and healthy. I felt good. I think it had to do in part with meeting Will and in part that I’m just happy & grateful with what I have in my life. I’m really trying to adopt the mind set that no matter what happens to me – I’m grateful. I actually feel less stress this way.

I asked a couple of the psychics about Will while I was there. Neither of the women know of Will and they never read my blogs. They almost said the exact thing — so close to word for word. Rather scary really. But it was all good. Both laid out the trials, tribulations and good stuff that lies ahead. Which, of course, is all I’ve already seen — but it was comforting to get two validations.

I’m worn out. I have the last L Word chat to do here in a few minutes and then afterwards — off to bed!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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