Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS)

Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS)

Another cause very near and dear to my heart:

In spite of the fact that the human consumption of dogs and cats is illegal, a flourishing industry exists within the markets in Korea today. Illegal and unsanitary dog farms are hidden away in the countryside where breeders raise their dogs for the butchers. Many people mistakenly believe dogs and cats are livestock animals in Korea; consumed purely for their meat like cows or chickens. However, dogs and cats are not listed legally as livestock and have not until recently been consumed for any other reason than for their believed medicinal health properties. They still have much more in common with bears, tigers, and other animals in the illegal exotic animal-parts trade, which only strong animal protection laws and education can bring an end to.

Won’t you take a moment and help?

Please sign a petition at www.koreananimals.orgThe Korean Society wants to stop the brutal slaughter of cats and dogs for consumption. They need international help. Thank you >^..^

Pass this notice on to every animal lover you know!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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