Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul © 2005 by Allie Theiss

The Best Time
Cast this spell when the moon is waxing or full.

The Best Day
Thursday or Friday

Incense To Use (choose one)
Frankincense, Rosemary

Herbs To Use
Two chili peppers or ground chili pepper*

Other Supplies Needed
Two Red or Pink Ribbon/Threads, Partner’s Sexual Fluid and/or Pubic Hair**, Jar with Lid, Pair of Your Dirty Underwear, One Fireproof Bowl (non-metal), One Charcoal Block

• Offer your partner a cloth to clean himself/herself with after sex. Reserve the cloth. Do not get any of your sexual fluids on this cloth!
• Gather supplies.

• Meditate on the desired outcome – clear your mind and focus on what you want to accomplish.

Tie the CHILI PEPPERS together with the one THREAD/RIBBON. Place the CHILI PEPPERS into the CLOTH and place your UNDERWEAR on top of the peppers.

Roll up the CLOTH. Take the second THREAD/RIBBON. As you tie it around the rolled cloth recite:
With this wrap
You will in fact
Stay out of the sack
With anyone else but me.

Stuff the tied bundle into the JAR. Seal the jar tight.

Bury the jar. Walk away from it without looking back.

*If you use the chili powder, sprinkle it directly onto the cloth.

** If you cannot obtain your partner’s sexual fluids, a lock of hair and/or article of clothing will do.

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