Karma, George And Will!

Karma, George And Will!

Oh for the love of Goddess and all that’s sane — what a day thus far. I thought things would run more smooth since my son is back at school. That podcast of mine took 7 – yes 7 tries to get it to go. My brain was actually getting fried from having to repeat the same thing so many times. It’s all because of that George. Yes – George. You know who you are George…in fact, I’ll also bet that Will knows which George I’m talking about too although I’m almost certain they haven’t met — yet.

Okay – so over the weekend I was thinking back on my life – especially back to my childhood (I took out my old diary’s) and I discovered that most of my Ken dolls I named “George”, my pet I wanted to name “George” I even wrote that my husband’s name was “George”. This got me thinking about George. His energy is what Will’s was – very persistent and patient. But with one difference from my side – I am keeping him at a distance on purpose. But I don’t know why I’m doing that. George by all outward appearances is kind, generous, creative, handsome and exactly how Samantha described my future mate to be (although I did think at 1st this was Mr. Client guy – I was hoping actually that it was Mr. Client Guy and not George who 1st popped into my head): He’s tall, with black hair, tanned, and he’s a little older, but not much. He has a nice body, he’s skinny but he does have some muscle to him and he’s clean shaven. I’m feeling you may all ready know this man? But it’s like he is going to come around even more when you move.

Now right now I don’t “know” George – so again when his named popped into my head, I dismissed it.

But this made me shift through my old chat logs with Tracey and came upon an old reading that she kept saying the name George in. One of the people I was asking about kept saying George and I had no idea what she was talking about. This was back in May I think. So — this all led me to ask Maria Shaw about George and I got her answer right before I did the podcast – blew my mind away and explained a lot:

This guy shows up in the marriage part of your chart……I think the past life has to do with the fact that you were married three times in other lifetimes. He feels a strong need to be with you….like he is supposed to be with you but I am not so sure you want to remarry him again! One relationship lifetime he was abusive. The other one he was a drinker and the other one he was a good man. He was never the woman. He had to learn about his male energy (side) so always reincarnated as a male. It is he who cannot let you go. He has a strong need to possesses you. You feel a connection but also something is not right. He will revert back to old patterns from those lifetimes with control and your soul knows it doesn’t want to go there but he wishes to fix the karma. He really does but do you wish to sacrifice another lifetime to allow him to do it? It is up to you! He has a Pisces rising sign (addictions) that falls in the 5th house of your chart which rules love affairs…..and taking risks in love. It also speaks on where your personal wounding is (for Allie). He wounded you in former lifetimes. His moon opposes your Jupiter EXACT. He may not support your traveling or even your spiritual growth in time to come. He may go along with it now but long term could limit your spiritual growth and advancement.

In his chart you show up as someone who could be financially supportive of him as well as someone to teach him his self worth. You also show up in the house of marriage! Go figure. Those past life aspects are pretty strong in both your charts and in the same places too. And yes, your moon shows up in the 12th house of his chart…which is one if not the biggest indicator of past life ties. I took a class in this years ago and this is amazing. Many marriage connections. I am fearful of the things I mentioned above; addiction, temper, possessiveness, control issues once he is married to you…..his past life personality may shine through eventually. But it is UP TO YOU. You have your reservations about this. You should but since you say he is patient then you have time. Take your time. The findings could be exciting, revealing and release you of karma for good with this man. OR you could choose to marry him and work them through. It is your choice.

So — after I collected my thoughts and stopped yelling “SOB” & “you’ve got to be kidding me” at the computer – it all made sense. Why his energy is always there pursuing me and why I am very standoff-ish about him. It took me a few rereads but something else hit me. When I was married to George 1st he was abusive – my 1st ex husband in this life was abusive, the 2nd time I married George he was an alcoholic – ex husband #2 was yes, an alcoholic. The 3rd time George was a good guy and everyone has told me that my last partner will be a good one and it will be a past life connection. Could my soul actually have sought out the 1st 2 husbands in order to get that part of my experience with George out of the way? So that when he does come along I let him in? Could it also be that I am alone now to work on me and build me and my spirituality up so he will not have a chance to try to control?

I don’t know….but it actually all makes sense to me without me trying to have it all fit. It’s not something that I had to work on. Now if I am with George, then I’m not with Will. And if I’m not with Will then I’m not with Bill later on — and then we do not complete whatever it is we are to complete this time around. We’ll have to try it again.

Being with George is something that is up to me while being with Will is something that is up to Will.

Will I be as scared of George as Will is of me? No. Because I understand.

So George – what in the hell are you waiting on? Seriously. Will hasn’t made a move and who knows if he will. Let’s see if you have more guts than I give you credit for:)

Now on an unrelated kind of note – I had this wacked out dream the other night. I was walking along side a castle with someone – I can’t remember who – but I was telling him that he was in my soul circle. I was trying to tell him without sounding like a nut job. But as I was telling him the castle was getting ready for battle and there was a spy in our castle. We (as I guess I was the queen) built a secret chamber under the castle so that my son could hide out there during the war. He had enough food, water and air to last him several years. I was to go to battle with everyone else. But I was told no – that I had to go below with my son and ensure his survival. It was too important to have him survive – since I was a warrior as well, I could battle anyone that found us.

Then I woke up.

And on that note – I gotta run. I still have a crap load of emails in my inbox. many of you have a ordered readings, classes and coaching – I’ll get back to everyone as soon as I can.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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