One theme that came slamming into me at the Universal Life Expo last weekend was that I have to let things, “Just Be.” Get out of my head and allow myself to feel. Thinking too much, always being on the go, is actually causing me to miss what is right in front of me.

As I mentioned in a past post on Bliss about always being “ON” I had thought that once the transition passed, that the on would be off. No such luck silly woman 🙂 When looking at my energy, the top half of me lit up like the Fourth of July. The bottom half of me, the sounds of crickets. That right – nada. I was so on that I lived in the top half of my energy and poo poo’d grounding (although not on purpose). It was fabo for my clients, but bad for me.

Once I got out of my head and let my heart guide me around the ULE, I found one of my favorite authors on the planet, Rosemary Ellen Guiley. I had been passing her booth all weekend long and never noticed. My inner guidance had taken me past her dozens of times, but I was too in my head – had a goal/mission I was trying to accomplish – to see her. Once I stopped and chatted with her, I asked her to be on the Allie Theiss Show and she agreed! She will be here on Jan 30th.

I allowed my heart to guide me to many more gifted participants from the ULE. As soon as I confirm them for the show, I will post it!

“Just Be” in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Stop what you’re doing (harder than it sounds – trust me).
  2. Take a deep abdomen (meaning you should feel it move) breath – through the nose and let it out through the mouth.
  3. Place your awareness in your heart chakra (chakra may tingle or vibrate).

Continue on with your day. The steps are easy. The hard part is actually remembering to do them.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Allie xo

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