Joshua and Celina

Joshua and Celina

Joshua and Celina are two advanced beings that want to send messages and knowledge to the world. They have asked me to be the “voice” and I happily agreed! I will be posting their messages on my FaceBook page as well as Twitter. If you haven’t subbed up for either, now may be a good time. OR you can look under the bottom right of any page for “What is Allie Saying” and my Twitter feed is there.

This is not a direction I thought my life would take nor do I know what this direction means for me.

I have no idea what they will cover or what they will not cover. But right now I know that each would like to speak to you and introduce themselves.


Greetings and thank you for taking the time to know us. Joshua is a name that has been given to me by humans. That is not my name for I do not have a name. To call someone a title is strictly a human trait. We do not mind it, being called a name. We find it endearing. How then, you may ask, do we distinguish whom we are talking about if we do not use names? Sound. Each energy being has a distinct energy vibration that translates into a sound. My sound is too high pitched to be found on your music charts.

Celina and I are creation and creation is us. This sector of existence is under our care. There are many of us placed all over existence watching over – guiding – those entrusted to us. Celina and I are grateful because humans are a relatively new species – although you are from seeds of the old. Watching humans grow and evolve has been exasperating and wonderful all rolled into one.

You must wonder if Allie is our “voice” if she channels us. She does not. In order to channel it is assumed that you and I are separate. We are not. We are all one continuous energy field. Allie only opens her heart chakra to hear us. With her permission we do slide in to her human form and talk through her – but she is there just as we are. As those who are drawn to us know us, we feel that we will not need to slide into Allie for communication purposes, only exist and she will translate. There will not be a need for you to “hear” the difference in her voice as you will know we are there and she is not making this up.

Allie worries about that – that you will assume she is making this – us – up. It’s easier for you to believe we do not exist than to know of our existence. With that I bid you farewell for now. Know that you are love.


Hello, I am Celina and I am an advanced energy as is Joshua. We are both one, yet separate. We are here not only to pass along the knowledge of existence, but to allow you to unfold in the blossom of love. You are love. You are loved. There is nothing anywhere more important than love. Revealing the secrets of existence only serve to bring those closer together. It is true that a darkness wants what we know and will try to use it to exploit humankind for their own design. Joshua and I fear not, as the lightworkers who gather to hear this knowledge will not allow the darkness to win. When, as a human, you are faced with anger, hate, and frustration, do not close down or project those feelings back. Instead open up your heart chakra and let the love flow. Love will always win.

My name too is given to me by humans. I too have a sound that is not on our charts. Where Joshua and I come from exactly will be reveled through our messages. Be patient and open.

I too can sense Allie’s apprehension with passing on our messages. Be kind to her and show her the love you show one another and will show us one day. She is a tireless servant of good and can use more kindness in her life than she is willing to admit.

Joshua and I hope that you open yourselves up to our messages and that you pass them on to others. We are counting on Allie to give us our voice, but we are counting on you to spread our messages.

Always remember…


Joshua and Celina

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