John Spencer, Ted, Bill and Jeremiah!

John Spencer, Ted, Bill and Jeremiah!

I’m getting pulled in early again – it’s a real needy pull too. I emerge in a cloud and there pacing is the recently deceased, John Spencer. There you are he yells at me. Here I am – what’s your hurry, I reply. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for days he says. I heard you – every time I reply. Well then damn it – tell her to take care of the canary! She forgets. And tell her to remember the fish. I ask him – how am I supposed to approach your wife and tell her that her deceased husband keeps yelling at me for you to remember about the canary? I have no interest in going to jail.

John keep pacing, wringing his hands. I always looked after her – he says. What will she do now? I tell him that she is a strong woman and she will be fine. If he worries that much about her, then stop by and send her messages. She’ll understand. He says – I can’t – they want me to go. I ask who? He nods his head upwards and says – you know who. I say – but your allowed to come back and visit. Yeah yeah he says – but not until I go through orientation. I see a brilliant white light behind him. I tell him that he needs to go to it. He just looks at me like – are you sure? I tell him all will be fine, the fish, the canary and your wife will be fine. He flashes me a smile, gives me a nod and walks into the light.

I look around and I see an airplane. I move to investigate.

I see Ted in first class, laying back, eyes closed. The chair next to him is empty – so I sit down. His eyes open. I hear him say – I know you’re here. I smile, reach over and try to touch his arm, my hand goes right through – he glances down at where my hand was and smiles.

With that I am taken into a forest. I’ve seen this forest many times in my mind, right before I fall asleep. I follow the path and emerge on my beach. There sits Bill. I go to him, he stands and embraces me and says – get ready. He smiles and fades from view.

Now I’m alone on the beach. Here comes my guide – Jeremiah. Without saying anything – he hands me a book. It is “The Black Triangle” written by me. I open it and inside is a ticket to New Zealand. I win – I ask? He smiles. Takes the book and fades from view – as he fades so does all else and I’m done.

The guy from the “West Wing/LA Law” has been bugging me for days – he just won’t give up! At least now I know why I was pulled in early. He needed to make it to the other side but there was a huge desire to talk to me first.

You know – come to think of it, some of the disturbing dreams I had last night was my husband forgetting to tend to the fish (we have none) the tank was only 1/2 full and dirty. I filled the tank up – then the fish, mouths open were trying to find food. I am putting food in and I sprinkle to much on top of one fish – it gets in his gills. Another fish is trying to jump out and I’m closing the lid. I close the lid on the fish I put too much food on and his head snapped off and fell on the table. I was mortified. Then a remember these birds yelling because they were hungry. Hummm.. I wonder if the dream had to do with John Spencer and not my husband?

BTW…I am a finalist again for the Roy W Dean writing grant that would take me to NZ next year. Fingers crossed!

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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