Joan of Arc and the 1920's!

Joan of Arc and the 1920's!

Gosh, where to begin on this one. I kept hearing a voice tell me to do this solo – no wand, no crystals – nothing. I felt strange doing the session this way – but I went ahead and listened.

I stepped out into nothingness – or it felt like I was walking on air. Very odd. In the blink of an eye a white swirl of energy came from the ground, surrounded me and exited up towards the heavens. I looked and I saw Joan of Arc (me) helping Cardinal Henry Beaufort (Ted) on with a red cape? Or robe? He was standing in front of a mirror and I was trying top make sure he looked presentable.

Off to my right, Ted arrives. I ask him what’s he doing here. He doesn’t know – last thing he remembers is falling asleep on the airplane. He watches the Joan/Henry scene unfold with me. He comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me and says – see…God couldn’t keep us apart. I turn around and I tell him – what are you talking about? He says – our love. No matter how much you deny it – it’s there. I know it’s there – I say. But you and I do not belong together. He replies – yes we do. Despite all of the odds in every life time we are together – if only for a small time.

Because we’re not supposed to be together! I cry.

Next thing we know, we are looking at a scene from the 1920’s. He and I are in bed, must of just finished making love as he is holding me tight. I tell him that I’d better get going. He sits up on his elbow and begs me to stay a little longer. He reaches into the nightstand and pulls out a beautiful engagement ring and asks me to marry him. At first I’m very happy – but then the smile fades and I remind him that I can’t. He says lets run away. I tell him that his brother would never allow it.

We hear a click. I look up and there is Bill with a gun, pointed at Ted’s head. I say – Frank, let him go. He tell me to get out of the bed. I won’t go. He and Ted argue – Bill/Frank says that he’ll never let Ted/Nick have me. He fires and puts a bullet in Ted’s head. Blood splatters all over me. I sit there in total shock. Bill/Frank pulls me out of bed and men come in to wrap Ted (Nick) up in plastic.

I look at Ted. He stares at me. He then says – I’ll find you and take good care of you. He can’t stop me this time. With that he’s gone.

In a flash, I’m in a round, natural spring. Bill is there as well. Without even thinking – I fly into his arms. He hugs me tight. I comment how much I miss him and he echoes the feelings. I ask what are we doing here? He doesn’t know. There are three young children pouring water over our heads – reminded me of a baptism. The water felt very cleansing and refreshing. I press my cheek on his chest – next to his heart – and tell him that he has to let me in. He says he knows – but he’s scared. I remind him – so am I.

I’m not really sure about this part – but he, I and Ted – all naked – are wrapped up together, by a white binding, into a cocoon and buried. I can feel all three of us “shoot” out of there – our souls anyway – and go on with our current lives.

I’m in an office and it seems like I am getting ready to go to England for something – I don’t know what. It has something to do with the books – but it isn’t a signing or anything. I’m not sure what. It feel like either London or Cambridge.

Then I woke up.

Very odd session…..

That’s the most those two have been around in weeks. This tells me something is up – something….not sure what….will be happening this week.

I discovered that Ted was the Cardinal the other day as I was looking up to see whatever happened to Joan’s ashes. It was that same eerie bolt of energy that ran up my spine. So odd.

Over the weekend I moved and dusted my stones/crystals. I usually only do this twice a year. When you have a few thousand stones (most in the same room) it tends to take awhile. I moved stones around – all because of what my guides were telling me to do. They had me move my bamboo plant from the top of the fireplace – straight into cat territory. I’m not sure why – but I keep being told not to move it. I hope it accomplishes its task before it becomes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I was also instructed to move all of my crystals/stones out of my bedroom. No idea why. I still dreamed the same – or so I think.

Over the weekend I got the urge to try to find my old pen pal from high school. His name was Nicholas and he was a blondish brown haired, blue-eyed boy from Northern Italy. I wish I could remember his last name or town. I don’t know if I saved any of the letters – it’s been 20 years. I checked in the house and they’re not here. They may be in the garage – don’t know – I’ll have to check.

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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