Jezell, Last Night And The Meadow!

Jezell, Last Night And The Meadow!

Jezell was bugging me last night during my night out of drinking and let loose time. She keep bugging me to go up to certain women in our group (and one man at the bar) and convey some information. Now I didn’t know these women – this was my 1st time at the Femibeast Bash – they only 2 people I knew was the women who hosts it and my best buddy Linda. Now – what I was supposed to go up and tell the ladies had to do with their love lives and I knew that they didn’t want to hear it. But — I do what I’m told and I think that I really pissed them off as they believe that they are going down the right paths when they really are not. One woman, when I was looking for Linda towards the end of the night — looks at me and says – what? have some more good news about my future? In the most sarcastic tone that I’ve heard in a while. When I said no – looking for Linda. She softened up. Then the poor guy – who, was pretty handsome – was there looking for love — but I kept trying to tell him that he’s looking for it in the wrong place. He wasn’t pleased at all. I think that he thought I was a @ucking loon — but when I’m told that it is important for someone to hear something – there’s a damn good reason why. We’ll see if they talk to me next year.

Now she is also really bothering me about returning to the meadow. If you remember, Bill, Ted and I were kicked out when my friendship with the actual land owner crashed and burned. Now , Bill – Ted and I don’t actually set foot on the physical property, it’s in the astral plane. But Jezell keeps saying that we have to go back. There’s something there that needs our attention. I ask – why can’t she just do it. But of course that is a big no. I ask for a hint – I get a no. I really do not want to go back – at all. The land owner will sense us on the astral plane as she always had in the past, and I really don’t want to communicate with her on any level. So I’m at a loss. There’s a reason that we have to go back and it must be a big one or we wouldn’t have been asked. But on the other hand I know how not welcomed we are in the land owners space.

I’m going to sleep on it and see if I get any answers.

Sweet dreams!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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