Jezel, The Men And A Vortex!

Jezel, The Men And A Vortex!

I did something today that I haven’t done in many months — I sat with my wand, a Ajoite included Quartz crystal – surrounded by my 3 crystals.

I shifted immediately into my meadow. At first it was stark – bland – in the midst of winter. From one end I saw a flower bloom and that transformation spread throughout the meadow until everything was in full bloom. I stood there in wonder. From my right I sensed Larry. I turned and boy did he smile. One big step later he was hugging me. He caresses my face – mentioning that he has been searching for me for so long. Waiting for so long that he thought he couldn’t stand the pain another second. Then I just appeared to him – he calls it a miracle. I call it destiny. He smiles. He is so grateful that I’m here – he is thankful. He stares to the heavens – outstretches his arms and screams “Thank You”. Then those blue eyes twinkle at me and he simply stares.

Someone clears their throat and it’s Ted. He flashes me that smile of his and says – you didn’t forget about me did you? I leap into his arms – whisper how much I’ve missed him. He says I look good and I laugh and say – you’ve looked better. He shrugs and mentions that he hasn’t been the best to himself. Larry and Ted shake hands and then hug. Not in the manly way of the pat on the back. But a – God I’ve missed you brother – hug. It was very touching. I ask Ted – where’s Bill? He looks over my shoulder and nods his head.

I turn and off in the distance is Bill. He is just standing there – arms down to his side. He looks horrible – beat up – drained. Where he stands the area is back to be barren. It is also in black and white. It hurts all three of us to see him like that. I call out to him. In what appears to be like a movie on fast forward – he reaches us. As he glides to us – the place he passes through turns back to being in bloom. By the time he gets to us – all is in bloom again.

His eyes are red. I say – hi. He gives an odd, wishful smile. I ask him what’s wrong? He replies – I didn’t think you’d want me around. I force him to stare into my eyes when I reply – I always want you around. There isn’t one single moment that I don’t want you near me – us. But for you to make that step is up to you.

Larry and Ted join me – one on each side. Larry says – welcome home. Ted adds in – brother. There is a bright light from within me that starts in the center of my soul and expands out to encompass all of us. I can hear a voice telling me – you are the beacon of light. Have faith. The heavens open up with a powerful white light and my light reaches up so they combine into one source of brilliance.

Next thing I remember is that we are all holding hands. In the center of us is a vortex. The earth swirls clockwise – faster and faster until the dirt is replaced by a brilliant light with all the colors of the spectrum. From white to black and all in between – swirling – spiraling up into the heavens. The vortex grows faster – the light strengthen until there is a flash and we are all in violet outfits – they are in tunics and pants – but regal ware and I am in a gown that is simply breathtaking. The violet transforms into pure white. The vortex closes – the heavens close. We are all just standing there looking at one another. Then the guys one by one tell me that they love me and shimmer (for lack of a better term) off. Now I’m alone.

I see a woman with flaming red hair – down to her butt, pale skin and the greenest of eyes approaches me. She is barefoot and clothed in a burgundy gown with a sweeping neckline. The dress has a Celtic border to it – in gold. The symbols are the triad that are in her border.

She tells me that she is Jezel – my guide. She tells me that I am the light of hope and to keep the faith. I must be prepared to experience a shatter of what I thought was in order for what is true to come forth. I guess the look I gave her (like a huh?) prompts her to continue on by saying – things that are revealed to you in the manner that they are -and were- are all for a good reason. It will all be okay. I am to expect that things are about to move at lightening speed. Have faith that I am being taken where I need to be.

She starts to fade off when I ask her if she is the one I call upon now. She smiles and says – yes.

Then I’m done.

I’m late to pick up my son – will try to write more later!

Crystal Sunshine!

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