Jezel And A Chill In The Meadow!

Jezel And A Chill In The Meadow!

I’m doing this early today as I have a funeral to attend.

I’m immediately taken to the meadow – it is stark, barren and covered in snow. There’s a nice snowfall happening – big flakes. I’m cold. Jezel arrives from my right carrying a heavy cape. Reminds me of what Borimir from Lord of the Rings wore in the movie. It is very warm and I instantly thaw out. I tell her – thank you. She smiles – those green eyes a twinkling. She puts her arm in mine and we walk.

I ask her why this place is so cold right now, I don’t remember it ever being like this. She says that this is what happens when I put my walls up. I tell her that I don’t remember putting up any walls. So I can’t imagine why they are there. She tells me that it is an automatic reflex – I’ve been doing it for so long that I do not realize it when it happens.

Have you felt them? She asks. No – probably not for a few days. I figured that they were off doing there thing and I’ve been working so much that I hadn’t put much thought into it. She smiles. I look at her. Ahhhhhh….I put the walls up so that I could work. She says – yes. But I’m getting a lot done – if I take them down then they’ll interfere with my process.

Jezel looks at me and asks – you can read each other thoughts – correct? I say yes. You can communicate telepathically if you desire – correct? Yes. Then why can you not tap into each others creativity to propel your work forward. Use their fire to fuel your work – not put your work to bed. I hadn’t thought of it that way – it is a very good idea. Would it work for them too – will Bill be able to create more, and Ted and Larry? She says yes.

I want to show you something – she says – and we enter a tree trunk. It’s odd, but I can feel myself traveling through the network of roots – even though it is in a flash and I didn’t “see” anything. We emerge from a tree and I see a building. We look inside a first floor window and Ted is there, a pad of paper in front of him and he is trying to draw. But he keeps messing up, taking the paper and throwing it away. He’s very agitated. We go back into the tree and come upon a house – I look in and I see Bill just staying at his journal. If I stand on my tip toes I can tell it is blank. Back into the tree we go and I’m now by another house – rather large. I peer in and Larry is just lying there – I can’t sense any real energy from him at all. We go back into the tree.

And emerge back at the meadow. Jezel says – see what happens when you wall them off. I nod. She tells me to close my eyes and visualize the wall coming down – melting. So I do. It is difficult to do as the wall (which looks like a large ice structure) will not come down. I visualize the sun melting it away – but it is being stubborn. So I get a jack hammer and chip away at it until it comes down. I tell her that it is gone. She says open your eyes. I do and the meadow is in the midst of a thaw. Signs of spring arrive.

Now tap into the collective creative force – you all work better as a whole instead of individuals.

Jezel then moves on to tell me to reply to a moon water email post that I read. That the reply will set off a chain of events that I may not see, but will feel. I am reminded to finish book 3 and to complete the rewrite of the script. This has to be a novel she says and it will not until you are satisfies with the script.

She leans in and says – don’t worry about your son, he’ll be fine. Keep following my path. With that she leaves and I’m done.

I heard back from the Franck Goddio Society and they have not found a ruby sphere — yet. So one never knows……

Have a good day. It was 65 here yesterday — today its 32.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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