It's Been an Amazing Day Thus Far…

It's Been an Amazing Day Thus Far…

Well this has been an amazing day thus far. This morning my son comes into my office after waking up and says:

“Mommy, you got them with your sword. The bad guys are all dead.”

I ask what bad guys?

He replies “The bad guys who wanted you dead. You three did good”

I laughed:) I figure that he had a dream about my Joan of Arc past life with Bill and Ted:)

The kid is back to his almost 5 year old loud and energy-filled self:)

Another amazing session I had with pooling my energy with Cindy’s:) It started off though on a bit of a dark note. When I entered, I was immediately taken to the life before this one when Bill was killed in Vietnam. I had just discovered that I was pregnant and he told me he was married. It was VERY emotional. Then I went back before that confrontation. We were lying on a blanket in the middle of a field. It was dark and the stars were AMAZING! We were discussing what we wanted to do with our lives. He wanted to be a professional photographer – as he took pictures for the Army – when he becomes a civilian and I wanted to be the next Carolyn Keen and write Nancy Drew mysteries. I mention how wonderful the stars look and he replies it always looks good in big sky country. So I am assuming that we were in Montana. My family (I was with my parents) recently moved to a neighboring town. He reaches over and starts to kiss me. I then flash forward to reading in the newspaper that he was killed in action. I see a light off to my right and I’m thankful as I don’t want to go through this heart wrenching experience on what happens next in this past life.

I enter into my meadow. A wave of love and energy pass through me. I look and see Archangels Gabriel, Haniel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel. Then I am surrounded again by thousands of angels. I kneel. Gabriel sits on the ground and tells me to do the same. Everyone follows suit.

I ask to be removed of barriers that prevent me from my path. Gabriel caresses my face and smiles. Off to my left, Jesus approaches. He replies that all obstacles are removed. I started to ask about power – he says that too is no longer a threat to your path. I ask him to remove the “pit” I feel in my stomach. He says that this pit is not a bad thing. That it is my soul bursting with excitement and anticipation of what is yet to come. It’s a good feeling – not bad:) I ask about protection from negativity. He assures me that I am under heavenly watch and well protected. I then start to ask about my son – it is very important that he too stay protected. Jesus says that he too has an important life path and he is also under heavenly watch – plus he has his own personal protector. I see my grandmother P. approach (mom’s mom – she died in 2001 and we were very close). I throw myself into her arms. She assures me that nothing will happen to my son. I ask for her to keep my husband’s daughter) away from us. She assures me that she is doing just that. I ask Jesus about negativity. He tells me that negativity is kept at bay.

I ask about Cindy and that the obstacles and blockages be removed. The angels part like the red sea and I see her sitting, so peaceful like with a smile on her face. Jesus tells me that you are under heavenly watch and that the obstacles are removed. That power is no longer a problem for you as you have been given the confidence to know you can handle and direct the power for good use. A large and direct beam of light and love is sent to you by the angels.

I turn my attention to Bill. He arrives – right there. He is clean shaven and his hair is short. He is very happy that he is done with his last job and can return back to normal. He gives me an amazing kiss. I grab his hands and tell him that I wish all obstacles are removed and that he realizes that power is not bad. He says that power makes him feel uncomfortable. I tell him I know – but together we will do good things with this power. He agrees. Jesus removes that barrier. Bill asks for everything that is holding us apart to be removed – Jesus complies by sending light/love right into him. All of the angels follow suit.

I come out of the meditation and the energy that is zapping through me is – WOW!

I then actually try to work – ha! Read on…

I’m sitting here trying to work and my mind drifts to Bill as it does every few seconds now – 24/7. I’ve always been able to control my thoughts and not “fantasize” so much. But as I’m sitting here – I realize that my constant and unrelenting thoughts of him are mirrored in his thoughts about me. That us being together is not just about him and I – but about humanity – health, peace and love. This is bigger than the two of us. It’s no wonder we cannot contain or direct our thoughts or even some of our actions any longer. It is as if the Divine has stepped in at the correct time and said “okay – you two wanted this now – well, the world needs you together – so let it happen”.

As the time for our meeting approaches – I can feel me letting go of my past – of what is no longer going to be a part of my life. My heightened awareness is with me 24/7 and is causing me to be jittery – like too much coffee coursing through my veins. I don’t have to mediate to get visions – they just happen. I don’t have to mediate to feel Bill’s presence or to hear the Divine – it just happens.

Part of me is terrified that I’m going to screw this up. That this big plan that the Divine has for me – is too much for me to handle. But then the other part steps in and reminds me that I was Joan of Arc.

Then we have Ted. If I’m not thinking about Bill – then I slide to him. He has become more frequent in my thoughts. Again – I know that this is bigger than us – larger than life – if you will. Once Ted gets to the stage that Bill and I are at (and it will be soon – 6 months a year at the most) then the power we will yield will be mind boggling at best.

I feel like a metaphysical Tony Robbins.

I just don’t know how I am to do it all. I realize that I’m to given more than I can handle. I keep getting flashes of me completely healing people and the wait to come see me is unreal.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

Until then…

Crystal Sunshine!

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