It's been a Jittery Day!

It's been a Jittery Day!

Well, thus far I haven’t accomplished much today. I’m a jittery disaster zone. I can’t focus for that long of a time, nor can I sit still. I’ve walked around my block about 5 times so far since 5:00 am. I’m getting a heck of a workout – but that’s good seeing I ate a gallon of very yummy peanut butter/chocolate ice cream over the last 3 days. Very much out of character for me to eat that much sugar. I know what this is – it’s my nerves, plus my heightened awareness. My body is taking some adjustment time – I just hope it hurries up!

I’ve got emails out the behind to answer:) I promise I will once I can sit down long enough!

My note to Bill is moving right along after 50 false starts. I finally have written a poem that I think he will enjoy – I hope I don’t sound like an idiot thought seeing that he is a poet:) I don’t know what else to put besides the poem and contact information. I mean no matter what I write – or don’t write – he’ll either “get it” ASAP or won’t. I keep having flashes of him reading and rereading the note while he smokes up like a chimney and drinks a bottle of red wine. At least he’s not practicing his waste basket basketball with it:)

I really wish my rational mind would quit getting in the way. It keeps stepping in and asking me if I’m nuts. As strange as it sounds – I have to assure myself that I don’t have one foot in the mental ward. It’s aggravating as I know the rest of me knows what is truth and what is not.

I’m debating whether or not to start up my Ask Allie online radio show again. I never thought I’d entertain the thought, let alone actually consider doing it. Why? Because it’s a lot of work for one person and my throat hurts after talking so darn much:) I’m more of an observer than a talker (unless asked for advice – of course). Maybe once I get the gypsy magic books done.

My poor car still hasn’t recovered from my son’s sickness on Tuesday. Part of me feels like blowing up the car and starting over.

Okay – that was interesting. I just had an angel place their hand on my right shoulder and whisper in my ear – “Believe in yourself. All is well”. Now I just have to take the advice.

I think I’ll go take another walk!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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