Is This How I will Meet Ted?

Is This How I will Meet Ted?

I got a heavy nod today not to go into my usual meditation – but to sit at my keyboard and just type. I’m not sure why I have these sessions, maybe to make me realize that I don’t need mediation to see — I don’t know. But here goes…..

I’m in a house – it is more white on a beach – with a large sliding glass door to the outside. If I’m looking at the glass door – to the right is a kitchen – to the left a dining area and then down to a sunken living room with a fireplace at the far left end. Beyond the fireplace to the left, is a hallway to bed rooms. Behind me is a hallway that leads to the front door. A double front door really – wooden – but only the right side gets used.

I’m now outside the house and I’m walking across a deck, down stairs to the beach. Out by the ocean is Clive – hair all tousled, pants folded up to his shins, barefoot. He’s looking for stones and asks if I want to as well. But of course I do. We have a merry ole time looking for stones, making a pile. It’s a lot of fun – much laughter and just good all over feelings. He pulls out his cell and takes a look at something and says that he’s ready to go in.

So here we are carrying this mountain of stones in our arms back to the house. He found one special stone that looked like a crystal and give it to me – I placed it in my pockets. A black dog – looks like a Newfoundland, comes with us – we are joking that this dog is big enough to be a pack mule:)

We go inside and set down the rocks ear the door. Clive looks up and says – Ted! My heart stops. I can feel myself about to hyperventilate as I slowly look up and next to Bill – there he is. Oh my good God does he look good. His hair is rather long, has a moustache and beard – looks very handsome. I glance over at Bill like – couldn’t you have warned me?

I just blurt out – Ted! And then I tone it down walk over and hold out my hand to introduce myself. He grabs it – boy does he smile big – but he also has a look in his eyes of either pure panic, disbelief or both. When we shake – a few lights actually burst – the lightbulbs all just pop. It was unnerving.

I stammer over my words and mention that I can’t find the rock that Clive just gave me (he and I both know its in my pocket) and I comment that I’m going to go out an get it. Ted pipes up – do I need an extra set of eyes? I just stare at him. He walks closer. I can help – he says. I look over at Bill – he doesn’t say anything. I smile and say – sure – I’d like the help. Even though I was going outside to get away from Ted and gather my thoughts – pull myself together.

So we’re down at the beach looking – I take the stone out and drop it onto the sand. He comes across it and “finds’ it. I thank him. He holds it up to the sunlight and he can see something inside the stone. He brings it to me and our faces are almost touching – not sure who has more of a problem talking – me or him. But I can see some fluid – like an embryo in the stone.

We going back to the house and Bill and Clive are on the deck waiting for us – they are lounging – but I know that they were watching us. Comment that Ted found the stone. Bill gets up and puts his arms around me as we walk indoors – he whispers if I’m okay. I can barely stand – the emotional overload of having all 3 of them in the same place is too difficult for my human body to handle. I look at Bill and I have a heart attack. As I’m going down and all three are around me – all I can remember saying is for Ted not to leave. I was afraid I was scaring him away or something. Next thing I see is that I’m waking up in the hospital – only Bill is in the room with me. I ask about my son – he says that he is home with Ted and Clive.

And that’s all that comes to me.

I’ve always had visions were when I finally meet Ted, Clive is already there. But I’ve never had the vision in such detail before. I’m curious to see how things transpire over the next year.

I’m getting my laptop today – yeah!! In al of my visions with the guys, I’ve had a laptop – silver/gray. But I couldn’t figure out why it was silver when the one I wanted was black. Well – there was a sale and wouldn’t you know it – I bought a silver one – wireless. I didn’t realize it was the same one I’d been seeing for years until I looked back at my journal. Yet another step closer….

Let’s just pray I get all of my files transferred over to the laptop with a crash or losing anything:)

The activity or viewing on this blog has been very interesting over the last couple of weeks – even more interesting now as I have people from all over the world reading about my highs and lows. Thank you for passing on this blog to your friends, family and co-workers!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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