Is There A Jeff In The House, Vincent, Will and More!

Is There A Jeff In The House, Vincent, Will and More!

Earlier in the week I found out that the guy who gave me my 1st real kiss had a massive stroke – he’s 41. Devin had been a body builder – Mr. KY at some point in time. He was in great health – had a great life with a wonderful wife, a good job and children. But in Nov 2007 his whole life changed — and I just found out about it. I just discovered his battle not only for his life but with the insurance agencies – and with his trip to China for alternative health care. I’m trying to stop beating myself up for not knowing what happened to him – but I think about the dozens of times since we graduated in 1985 that he asked me to stay in touch — and I didn’t. I haven’t had a chance to tell him how sorry I am for my lack of friendship – that even though I didn’t get in touch, that I have thought about him quite a bit over the last 20 + years. Hopefully his wife and brothers will allow me to send a card or something at a later date. Even though he had a stroke – I know he’ll remember me.

So that’s been on my mind lately.

My son seems to be doing better today (probably because there was no school today) and yesterday too in regards to Melanie. She’s moved up on the transplant list. We’ll see. I hate to be excited for her to get a heart because that means another child must die in order for that to happen. But I still want her to be okay. My son just came up and got me saying – I tried to be strong and say I could do it, but I can’t! So I asked – what? Spiders! He wanted me to be string and go get a couple of x-box games that fell behind the TV and into the spider web zone. LOL. I did. He then said that his wife will have to be strong because he just doesn’t like spiders.

I have been down right exhausted all week long. No matter how much sleep I think I get – it’s not enough. I’m in a good mood – just damn tired. I saw a picture of Vincent today – taken yesterday I think – and he looks like hell. Andrew tells me that during dream time Vincent and I spend a majority of our time together and if we’re not together than we spend our time looking for one another. It’s no wonder we’re both so tired. He also tells me that neither one of us will get a good night’s sleep until we talk – either in person or on the phone. Because once we do that – we’ll still be drawn to one another when we sleep – but it’s not such a longing that we’re that always active. Lord – I hope this doesn’t take forever. Paul chimes in and says if I finish BT again that it will go faster. So I ask – is BT a condition that has to be met before I chat with Vincent. I’m told no. But things will move faster if I do. PLUS – I am told -things will be smoother all the way around if I get my OBE book and in person workshops up and moving. Is that also a condition? No – I am told, but financially I won’t be as stressed which will make my energy better all the way around.

Okay – got it. Maybe I need a coach to get the OBE stuff done. That is a thought. Anyone know a good coach that can help me with my book & putting together my workshops that won’t break the bank? Let me know.

So last night I’m in dream time and just moving about the dreamscape when I come upon a NYC diner – FRANKS. I walk in and I hear someone to my right clear his throat. I turn and it’s Vincent, Will, Elliot (remember him?) and a new one – Jeff. I stare over at the group and say hi to Will. He goes to intro me to the rest and I say I know who they are and say hello. Vincent & Will are are one side of the booth (Vincent on the inside) – Jeff and Elliot on the other. I can’t remember what is said – but I hurry up and say – well you two (V & W) are always on my blog – you’re V & W. I mumbled something else and turn to walk back out in a hurry. Will has my arm and is pulling me back to the table. Vincent says to join them – Jeff says I can’t wait to hear about this – and Elliot smiles. So I slide in and am now sandwiched with Vincent on my left and Will on my right. All I can think is how in the hell am I going to explain this – will they actually believe me.

So Jeff jumps in and says to tell him about all of this — he extremely interested. So I try to explain energy and how we carry the same energy signatures – etc….and he’s kind of getting it. So I tell him to put his hands on the table – palms up. He pulls his sleeves up a touch and does just that. I hold my hands over his – maybe about 3 inches away and just let the heat flow. He can feel it – boy can he. His eyes are wide, he’s grinning. I pull my hands away and he’s like a kid in a candy store – tell me more – tell me more.

Will chimes in and says – you mean to tell me that in your Vincent Rambles 2 – I’m the Will you’re talking about. I say yes. He says – I would hope that I have more control than that – I replied – I wish the same too – but that’s what they said. I turned and we stared into each other’s eyes – I could feel my blood pressure starting to rise and other things well – starting to get turned on. That’s when Vincent put his hand on my shoulder and got my attention. You and I need to talk, I’ve been looking for you for a very long time – is what he said. Yes I replied back – and the sooner you physically get a hold of me the better. I was yanked out of the dream by a cat jumping on me. But as I woke up I could hear Jeff still saying – we’ll talk more – I can’t wait.

Now speaking of a Jeff – but not this one – I had another dream the night before with a guy named Jeff. He had on a teal long-sleeved short – well built – American Indian. I was a doctor and he was a cop. We were discussing a patient’s injury’s. I remember grabbing his arm and having a wondrous feel of safeness come over me. I’m thinking that Jeff was really Vincent and his name was Jeff in a past life or maybe in a future life we haven’t gotten to yet.

And not to get too confused but there’s a Jeff back from my posting in Oct 2006:


So to wrap:

Jeff in dream with Vincent, Will and Elliot – Jeff is his actual name
Jeff in dream where I’m a doctor – I think that it is Vincent in a past life
Jeff from Oct 2006 is a fake name – his real name is Kyle.

This is why fake names just don’t work with me any more – I get too confused.

George made a stop in my dreams last night. I was sitting around a fire talking to him and another girlfriend of mine. We’re just chatting away while my friend’s guy just sat there and stared at me – just stared. Even tough he was far away from us – he knew everything we were saying — really intense energy.

Over the last week I’ve had 6 people ask me about writing and/or casting spells. And every time I opened one of those emails – Merlin was right next to me saying – yep, I told you so. Fine. I added back into the site:

And on that note – I’m tired. Time to head to bed and MAYBE get some real sleep. Although I doubt it.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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