Is It Keith or Kevin?

Is It Keith or Kevin?

I hope I can remember most of my dream visit last night. I was with two other people in a car – a guy, girl and myself. We parked outside of a two story office building. The guy got out and mentioned that the empty store/office in front of us had bullet proof glass. I called him either Keith or Kevin – and said that he should rent the place and be a private investigator. Even though it was never said – I knew he was an ex police officer. He saw the woman who owned the building and went after her. I turned to the other girl in the car and mention that she could turn this into a sandwich shop. She mentioned something about what a sandwich shop is called in Brazil. I wish I could remember what she called it – I know it started with a “C”. The shop we were at was a place where Kevin/Keith’s friend had a business that went belly up.

Next thing I know – we’re in a park. I find out that Kevin/Keith is Polish. He wanted to take me to a lake that is on church property. The lake was called Fast Lake. Keith/Kevin was about 6’2″ broad shoulder – strong arms. His hair was short, blondish and in tight natural curls. He had on a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. We got a long like we’ve known each other forever. I told him that he was not like anyone else I had ever met. He smiled and said – neither are you. There’s a connection with his family and Birkenau. I don’t know what – but there was something. There was also a mention about he and I meeting once I finished with BT. Not a clue on this dream – but I did wake up in a good mood.

Right before that dream, myself and a guy (have no idea who) were having a tour through this very elaborate house. A pool room was enormous – it was stupid big with a waterfall and all – which took us to the changing room – complete with private hot tub and sauna. Through the back changing room door was entrance to a private court yard. The previous owners lost all of their money and the house was foreclosed upon. It had something like 14 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms – 3 kitchens — it was just HUGE! I have no idea why I was being shown around a massive place like that. Far too big for me!

My mom’s cat Ben died today. He was a great cat – a mancoon. Ben was a stray that my mom came upon who had just been hit by a car and left for dead. That was 7 years ago. He lived to be 12. He cheated death many times – just like my Indy.

Working on a scene for BT. It’s coming along well. Structured some OBE stuff. Nothing major – but I did do something with it:)

I did remember to post the podcast to iTunes today:)

I cannot believe that we’re supposed to get 3 inches of snow tonight. I thought spring had sprung?

As I said today on the podcast – my heart goes out to those in Italy who were affected by today’s earthquake. Tons of energy sent their way!

Off to make supper!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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