Iris, Andrew and Ethan!

Iris, Andrew and Ethan!

Butterflies in my heart chakra. For me — this is a new one. It’s been there since yesterday — not leaving – not even for a second. I’m not sure who had the breakthrough. Mark is here – and pretty persistent on having me open up — everyone else just hangs out on the fringe of my energy. Cheryl suggest on FB that it’s Vincent. That would be great if he did have any type of breakthrough — he’s about a year overdue.

I’ve noticed that “blankness” about me over the last two days. Not so bad this morning — but Friday and Saturday it was pretty bad. That’s what happens when a new energy comes to me (I should say an energy of major importance like Mark, Vincent, Will, Bill and Ted) – I have a blast of energy and then it’s nothing. And when I mean nothing – I mean that my mind is just blank. I can’t hold a thought for over 20 seconds. When this happens it doesn’t effect my ability to do a reading – but the ability to get to a reading. When I’m blank I want to do zero — and I mean zero. As you know – doing nothing is really not part of my daily routine (although I do set time aside to relax every day).

I don’t know what in the world I did to my right shoulder — but it’s killing me.

I still cannot tap into my past lives with Mark. There’s a block and it’s driving me crazy. I know – I know — maybe I’m not supposed to know yet. Or I’ll know if and when we ever meet. (LOL – Iris is right beside me – when I wrote the if & when she said – what do I look like – chopped liver? I guess that means when and not if.)

Iris is now talking in my ear – over my son’s voice – game and the music that being pumped through my headphones. I guess this is something I need to hear…..

Iris: You and Mark will meet under unusual circumstance – you will turn and just be “there”. The first look you give one another is that of shock – he has complete disbelief on his face while you are wondering if he is just a vision or real. You turn and quickly move away from him — he follows. You go into a store – turn and there he is. He asks if you two know one another. You answer that it’s not as easy as yes or no. He offers to buy you a coffee . You agree and engage in deep conversation.

I ask Iris what is the “unusual circumstance” – she replied that I will be in a place where I never expected to be. One that I hoped for – but never really expected to be. This will happen rather quickly. The ball is already in motion. I have something that I have to do 1st. Of course I ask – what is it? She said to complete the outline of my horror script. Although writing horror is not for me and I will not make a career out of it — this script – more importantly the outline – is what gets me to where I need to be. So how long or how short it takes is in my hands.

I ask Iris – how does she expect me to get everything done? Her reply – get my head out of my ass.

Iris is the only guide I know that cusses.

Ethan’s here — he says that I have to focus. I have a window that I must go through. Everything that has happened to me – including my financial woes – has been put in place to get me to this window. I of course have to ask — couldn’t there have been an easier way? For you – Ethan replied – no. For some reason you and everyone you are karmic connected with are incredibly stubborn. Disaster has to happen before you make the shift needed.

So — Mark — his lose will be the death of a loved one? Ethan steps up to reply – Iris beats him to it…yes, that has to happen. I ask about his wife (who is a wonderful and kind person). Iris replies that she and Mark are the best of friends — best – best of friends…but they are not – or have not – been man and wife for a very long time. They each lead separate lives. However – they’d take a bullet for one another.


Andrew pops up before I can say anything more.

Vincent — that’s all Andrew says.

What about him?

He needs you.

Vincent is a big boy – he can pick up a phone and call if he needs me.

Andrew shakes his head – no good. You have to strengthen the energy around him — it has to be now.

Why the urgency?

His life has just fallen apart – so apart that he can’t piece it back together again. He needs to feel a burst of your energy.

Okay guys (Iris, Ethan, Andrew)…let me get this straight. I need to write my outline for the horror script, study for my tests, write my paper, deal with my financial nightmare, take care of my son – the house – the animals, take care of my clients, strengthen my energy with Mark because he’s about to go through hell, strengthen my energy with Vincent because he is going through hell and you need this all done what — yesterday?

I hear a three “Yes”.

Piece of cake — I can do this in my sleep.

Iris : What do you think you’ve been doing in your sleep? She laughs.

Just so you know — Ethan says — your financial nightmare has taken care of itself ever since you made the decisions you did a couple of weeks ago.

SIGH – I’m tired already and it’s only 9:00 am 🙂

Better get to work.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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