What Pulls You Away From The Present?

  • There’s trouble brewing in your relationship.
  • Single life no longer thrills you.
  • You are unsure if your gut feelings are right or if you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  • A past relationship will not stay in the past.

When you seek advice from me, this is what you can expect. I see pictures, short movies (think of a movie trailer), hear words/phrases, and can see & sense spirits. Nothing I sense comes with Cliff Notes or is closed captioned – so I have to base my interpretations on common sense and life experiences. Then I will provide insight and wisdom for your highest good. It is ultimately up to you on what you do with the advice, but I won’t leave you hanging. Here is a sampling of what I have provided advice on to clients over the past 30 years:

  • Out of Body Experiences & Out of Body Ecstasy Sex
  • Love (twin flame, soul mate, karmic)
  • Marriage & Dating
  • Past lives/Possible future outcomes
  • Energy: Sexual energy, chakras, Atlantis energy, energy body
  • Family
  • Friends (friends, BFF, FWB)
  • Spirituality
  • Past-Present-Future

If you can think of it, I can probably cover it.


Email or MP3 Questions

Includes FREE follow up questions (within reason – don’t go crazy on me) that pertain TO THE READING/ADVICE given (<–important to follow) Many people LOVE email advice because:

  • They have a document to refer back to repeatedly.
  • No worries about trying to coordinate schedules for an appointment.
  • Very convenient.
  • Privacy from prying ears.

The #1 reason my clients love MP3 advice — because I talk unfiltered. Therefore, you usually receive more information than you would in an email reading.

One Question – $40

Two Questions – $60

Phone/IM Chat/In Person

Keep in mind that I’m on EST/EDT. I book at least two weeks in advance – please do not expect an IMMEDIATE or SAME DAY appointment. Phone Appointmentss: Phone, Skype, or VCita’s conferencing line (we call into a number and connect) Chat appointments: Skype or Yahoo In-Person: Coffee shop in Wooster, Ohio FAQ

  1. If you have to cancel or reschedule – it must be at least 4 HOURS IN ADVANCE of your scheduled reading.
  2. If you cancel IN TIME, I will issue a refund.
  3. If you are rescheduling, the way my schedule looks these days – it will be at least a week or two to fit you back in.
  4. If you do not show up to the reading for whatever reason without the prior cancellation – THERE WILL BE NO REFUND.
  5. Includes FREE follow up questions (within reason – don’t go crazy on me) that pertains TO THE READING/ADVICE given (<–important to follow)

What can you expect in one of my live sessions?

  • We start with “what I see” at the moment. What your guides/angels want you to know. What to expect if you keep traveling your current path. This can take a few minutes or much longer – all depending on information received.
  • Clients usually ask questions about what I just told them. Many like me to expand upon what I saw – in order to increase or decrease the chance of it occurring.
  • Clients ask as many questions as he or she can in the time we have left.

How can you best prepare for a live session?

  • Take time before your session and write down any questions you have.
  • Write down follow-up questions for each way I may answer (ex: yes he’ll be back – your follow-up. no he won’t be back – your follow-up).
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Not everything will resonate with you during the session. Write it down anyways. Later on down the line it may become clearer for you.
15 min: $65.95 30 min: $115.95 60 min: $195.95