Interesting Dream Visit with Bill…and GW?

Interesting Dream Visit with Bill…and GW?

I’m trying so hard to get things done before I leave on Tuesday – but today I am not making much progress thus far. Of course – since I found out about the 21st and CA – I haven’t gotten much done at all. There’s no way to get the books done by October – if I’m lucky, I’ll have 2 more done. And that’s pushing it. I don’t know why I have such a time with the spells. I can do them in my sleep. But I love to research – and that I think – is where my problem lies. One thing leads to another and another and another until I am completely off course.

Plus I can’t help but shake the feeling that the person who hops on the plane on Tuesday will not be the same person who hops off the plane on Thursday. Wednesday is going to rock my world – completely shake it up and send it into directions that I never dreamed were possible. I can’t put all the puzzle pieces into place yet – too many fragments to sort out. But I KNOW that my blog entry on Friday the 23rd will be the most interesting one I’ve posted. So make sure you check back then!

I had the most interesting dream visit with Bill last night. But before I tell you about that – I had an interesting dream with George W. in it. We were in an Airbus. No one was on board but me, him and another woman (not the 1st lady) and two dogs – my snoop Indy Jones and another beagle mix I met at the vet earlier in the day.

I had Indy on a leash – and we were approaching the airport. The auto pilot was about to shut off and us 3 knew we were screwed. I had the woman my dog and she takes the other dog and goes to the back of the plane to buckle in. GW and I head to the cockpit – I take the pilots seat and he takes co-pilot (didn’t want the pilots seat). I put on the radio and I can hear a man talking with a heavy Asian accent – but he was speaking English. I remember looking at all the controls and thinking “just remember your movies – you’ve watch airplane movies before” I look over and I know that I will have to lower the flaps. I’m trying to get control and GW is punching all of the buttons – I’m following behind him to deactivate what he pushes. We are about to land and I hear the control tower say – no good. With that the auto pilot kicks in and the nose of the plane makes a sharp shift up – and we shoot straight up back into the sky. As we are turning to make another pass – I move into the visit with Bill.

Bill and I are in a crowded room. He has on a red shirt, long sleeve and we are sitting next to one another on the couch. I look over to the adjoining room and see people by a pool table. I lean over to whisper into his ear and my voice chooks up – so I clear my throat and try again. I tell him that I have to go to the bathroom – does he want to come with me to the other room? He says yes and we get up. Now he takes the path with no people to go over and around – he disturbs no one. Me on the other hand heads directly into the crowd bugging people and asking people to move out of the way. I am thinking to myself – why did I go this way? I know better. There are two men who are playing chess and have their legs extended straight out and in my way. I step over the 1st one and it is one of my uncles – I step over the next one and it is my uncle who died a couple of years ago (and the 1st uncle’s brother) – he just looks at me smiles and says – its about time.

Bill and I are outside – it’s a fall day. We are walking on what looks like a college campus. He now has on a black shirt, long sleeves and it feels silky. We stop and he embraces me – gives me the most amazing kiss. He then says – this is the first sexual stimulation I’ve had in a long time – laughs – and says – I love it! I laugh and say it’s been awhile for me too! He reaches around with both hands and grabs my butt. He asks if I’ve ever been part of ______ (can’t remember name) ice capades because I have a strong skaters butt. I laugh and say no as I reach around and grab his butt. I’m thinking how great his butt feels when I transfered to another dream.

I am telling my husband that this is it – I want a divorce. I’ve had it. He says – what about all the food I’ve bought for you? I’m like – what? What about the food I’ve cooked for you? Which leads me into this next dream…..

I am in a ritzy restaurant – but dressed rather casual. Bill and I are enjoying a nice dinner. A dark haired woman at the next table is talking to me – you can tell she either has money or is on the trail for it. This is when my husband (I know he is an ex by this dream) and my son walk in and sit down at the table wit the woman. Neither guy realizes I am there – Bill and I just look over like – I can’t believe you didn’t bother to say hi.

The woman asks my now ex how did he get a table? Did he have to make a reservation? I hear his response – since my ex wife published her book – it’s easy to get a table anywhere.

Then I wake up.

Interesting. I’m not sure how GW ties in with the rest – but I still find it all food for thought. I tell ya what though – Bill’s butt in those jeans, that butt in my hands…I can still feel it! LOL!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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