Intense Vision!

Intense Vision!

My meditation last night was very odd for me. Normally, I enter into my woods and exit at either the meadow or the white sandy beach. I meet Bill and/or angels and guides. We go over things – discuss the future – I’ve also had flashes of visions. But this time, instead of mediating with my healing wand, I did with my new stone spirit called Prehnite. I entered through the forest, but then was immediately launched into a flat/apartment. A very nice flat I might say – somewhere in Europe. Ted was there and he was arguing with me. He kept pleading with me to leave Bill – that he needed me more. I tried repeatedly to tell him that I couldn’t do that to Bill any more than I could do that to him. It would be as if someone would ask: what could you live without – your heart or your lungs? That is the same way with him and Bill. We discussed everything years ago and thus far it has worked out just fine. Ted got VERY angry with me and told me to pack and get the hell out.

I packed what I could – was going to send someone to get the rest. I pass Ted – he is in the living room smoking like a fiend. I tell him if he ever needs me to call. He doesn’t say a word and doesn’t look at me. I leave.

I flash forward to about 6 months later. I am on Bill’s beach property – down by the water. Up at the house – Ted arrives and talks to Bill. Ted comes down to the beach – 1st time I’ve seen or talked to him since that day I left. He apologizes for being an idiot. He understands why things are like they are and will not make waves. He has missed Bill and I – been on a drinking binge for the last several months and then rehab. He’s better. I smile and tell him “Welcome Home”.

I then change over to the beach (where I usually arrive) and there is Bill. He tells me what he just saw – and it was the same thing I just saw – but from his view. It was weird – I’ve never had such an intense future vision during meditation before and neither had Bill – especially one that played out like a story – not in the normal flashes. He and I sit down, join hands and send healing energy to Ted. This went well:)

My snoop dog is doing better today with the healing treatments I’ve been giving him. But I’m still going to take him to the vet next week to see what they can do. My son is also feeling better:)

I wonder what tonight’s meditation will bring? I’m going to use the Prehnite again:)

To all mothers – have a great Mother’s Day!

Until tomorrow…

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