The Intangible Draw Of Love

The Intangible Draw Of Love

Love is the most powerful force in all of creation – and it’s the one thing you cannot bottle or make synthetically. You can’t see it – touch it or hear it…yet it’s with us since the time we are born.

How incredibly cool is that?

It’s the one “thing” everyone wants…craves.

And it’s the one thing so many people ignore or shy away from. Seems rather silly, doesn’t it?

That’s why I have decided to go back to school – again – for my master’s degree in IO Psychology (organizational psych as opposed to counseling which I do not want to do — I LOVE coaching), classes start April 10th. This way I can teach and communicate at a college level.

Besides – it’ll look good on my book’s dust jacket, don’t you think?

It also got me to thinking of two things:

1) Be a gov’t contractor to vet hospitals to help returning soldiers and their families (if in a relationship) how to get their love & sex life back on track after returning from deployment.

2) Be a consultant to businesses to teach their employees how to have a successful love and sex life. It’s no secret that being in love and having an orgasmic sex life can reduce stress, boast health and increase productivity.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can do either — please let me know.

Of course I just had a light bulb moment – write two books: one targeted at the military and the other to HR departments.

Okay – now I need someone to help me manage time – lol.

Wow Allie, you sure are focused these days. What’s your secret?

Reading this book:The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do To Get More of Itwhich I positively love.

And reading…The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hillwhich I am completely in love with. The first chapter is all about the “Master Mind” and telepathy. He basically backs up everything I’ve ever said about a telepathic connection. Keep in mind that this book was written in the late 1920’s – early 1930’s.

I read each book daily. Willpower during lunch and Success right before I fall asleep. Interesting enough that since I’ve been reading that before I nod off, my dreams have been so vivid and “physical reality” real that it’s nutty! Plus I’m so damn tired when I wake up as I haven’t actually been resting when I sleep. So I assume I’m doing something right 🙂

Happy Tuesday:)

Remember not only to love someone today, but to love you. Love is what we all need. Don’t shy away from it just because it’s intangible.

Allie 🙂

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