Informative Session + Poems!

Informative Session + Poems!

Today’s session was informative – had many visitors!

I entered into a white mist and came upon a door for a castle. I reached out to open the door and instead went through the door and ended up grabbing the doorknob of a bedroom door in a log cabin. I opened the door and walked into a room that had a long wooden table with four chairs a large stone fireplace on the wall to my right and a kitchen area off to my left. In front on the far wall is another door. It opens and a man and a young boy – age 9 (roughly) come in. It’s Bill – but his name is William Tennent and our son is Clive – but his name is Jonathan Tennent. My name is Susan. I look down and notice that I have a swollen belly – I’m pregnant.

William comments on the snow outside and that the Indians have stolen another cow. I comment that the Indians are hungry and are stuck on their reservations with not many ways to find food. William grumbles and asks what is for super. I walk over to the fire and pull off a large pot – looks like stew. We all sit down to eat.

I flash to a scene where I am handing an Indian woman food – we seem to be friends. Later on I am kidnapped by her tribe (I’m still pregnant) and they want all of William’s livestock in exchange for me. He complies – but it is also a set up. When the exchange is made – the townspeople massacre the Indians – men, women and children. I can’t forgive him for this. He says that he had to do what he needed to protect his family – that we are the world to him. I understand – but I still cannot forgive him. I die giving birth to our third child – a son.

I know get flashes of Clive as Cindy’s pupil in Atlantis – he is very intent on learning all there is to know. I then get a flash of medieval days where he is a knight and saves her. But he is convicted as a traitor and executed. He is the one that ties all of us together as he has been with each of us in all of our lives. He is the one that is continuous – who is always there. So before when he told Cindy that he would save us all again – he will.

I then move from this life into a grassy knoll or sorts. There I see a lovely women with blond hair and in a silk garment of bluish/green. I discover that she is the angel – Brigit. She has been summed by the Divine to help me with the creativity, passion and love that burns within me. To get it all out in a constructive manner – one that is for my highest good. Jesus steps up and says that he too is to help me with love and healing. I ask them both – well what about Ted? Will they help him. A mist moves aside and I can see Ted taking a break from his scene. He is drawing – and it’s me. He almost has me exact. In fact – the picture as is – is so good that you would swear that I was in front of him posing. Brigit smiles and says that Ted doesn’t need their help as he is already being guided and he is well on his way to finding me. I ask what can I do? Jesus tells me to keep connecting to him as I have been – Ted’s vibrations are rising every day and his connection is growing stronger. I then ask about Bill.

They both take me to watch Bill through a mirror. He has perfected his drawings of me and he even has my name – Allie – along side one of them. He appears to be searching though the states that start with an “O” to find me. His will and determination is so string that all who know him know to leave him alone. That this is a quest he must do.

I ask about Atlantis and what stone? Is it all of them? Jesus smiles. I ask again – what can I do to get over this block? He mentions the stones I have in my hands right now and the one from the beach. Then he smiles again and all disappears.

I wake up.

So at least I now know where the name “Bill” came for me to use when discussing Bill. The PLR was from the same time as my previous entry – with us in frontier days.

My press release about my “Ask Allie” column, appeared to go well yesterday via As of 12:45 pm EDT it generated 43, 736 reads and 428 media outlets picked it up. Most reads were picked up outside the US (no surprise) and in New Zealand. Have I ever mentioned how much I’d love to move to NZ? Of course – I have to add that Spain and Great Britain are high on my “want to move to” list too. Not bad for some chick from Wooster Ohio:) Now we’ll see if it translates into anything.

I keep getting these poems in my head. I’m not sure if they are my creation – or if they belong to Bill and I am tapping in on them. But no matter what the case – I’m going to start posting them – mainly because I think I have to. BTW..I’m not posting the poem I wrote for Bill in the letter that never got ot him:) That is for his eyes only.

Please don’t copy and repost without giving me credit for the poems 🙂 They are all copywritten by me – unless Bill tells me they are his:)

On a mountain
High above the plains
I met a girl with brown eyes
That made my blue eyes burn
Not in pain
But in everlasting love.

Copyright © 2004 by Allie. All Rights Reserved

Time filters through my fingers,
As the sands of time converges at my feet.

What was once a dream is now possible.
What was once a fantasy is now reality.

I will not accept less,
My soul depends on more,
To grow, to change, to become a better human.

Until your touch stops the shift of time,
I will continue to allow the sands to consume me,
To bury me.

My shovel is in your hands.

Copyright © 2005 by Allie. All Rights Reserved

In the cold I shiver and shake
As I pray, look — hope.
You said you would always be with me,
At my side, in our bed.
But here I stand,
My emotions public, naked — vulnerable,
As I wait and slowly die for your return.

Copyright © 2005 by Allie. All Rights Reserved

I can see–
Your eyes,
Your lips,
The beauty of your smile.
But then I awaken–
And all I can see,
Is an empty bed.

Copyright © 2005 by Allie. All Rights Reserved

That’s about all I have for now folks:)

Until tomorrow…

Crystals and Sunshine!

Allie 🙂

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