Information Overload, A Magic Room And Alison Ashby!

Information Overload, A Magic Room And Alison Ashby!

I’m running way behind today. I had an important meeting that lasted a few hours and before that I needed to make sure I was set for it before I did my session. I sat with my healing wand and was taken to a very bright light. In that light I saw Bill and Will. I asked where have they been? They both answer – working! I asked why are they here. They don’t know – they were summoned to be here for support. Where’s Ted – I ask. No one seems to know as he was summoned too.

A blinding light comes before us. It is swirling horizontally. From it stepped Merlin, Brigit, Ethan and Jesus. I was immediately put on guard. I asked what did I do? Ethan comes forth and said that I had done nothing wrong. That it was time for me to see something for me to believe in me. I asked about the people coming into and out of my life recently. What is the purpose of it? Ethan replied that everyone comes and goes when they are supposed to and that I should not try to intellectualize their purpose. I need to roll with the changes and accept them for they are all in my higher good. The people that I am meeting are helping me take that next step – as I am helping them take theirs. It is all that I need to know.

Ethan, Merlin, Jesus, Brigit step through the light and ask me to come with them. I turn to Bill and Will and they just wave — see ya! Gee thanks guys…..

So I enter and I exit in a magical room that I have been in before – the one that is in a castle. It has books everywhere – a big wooden table. Candles, jars of herbs, vials of oils and flower essences — crystal and stones are everywhere.

Merlin speaks up and asks if I remember this room? I tell him yes – I remember it from visiting him here once. He asked if I remember anything else about it – does anything feel familiar to me? I say yes most of it does feel familiar. Brigit asks if I know why that is? I replied from when I was here before and I’m assuming that some of this is familiar from reading about it in books or maybe seeing them in movies.

I am told no – this room is familiar to me because it is my room – my magic room. This where I have come for thousands of years to perform my magic. I do not need the physical objects that human’s use on the physical plane. I have always done my best work from the higher planes. I had visited this place before because the powers that be wanted the seed of this place to awaken my gifts. And the gurus that are here all agreed that it has indeed happened.

Brigit grabs my hand and took me to a room off this magic room. It is very long, wooden floor and has many swords, axes and knifes on the walls. She tells me this is where I practiced fighting. Then she took me to another room off of the magic room and this one has a calm glow to it with many crystals — feel peaceful. She tells me that this is where I go to heal people.

She takes me out to the magic room again – and I must look like a deer caught in the headlights. Jesus steps in and tells me that as a Goddess, I worked magic here with Will – practiced battle with Ted and healed with Bill. As I had 3 sides to me – this is why I had/have three mates. I still rather stood there like a deer in the headlights.

Ethan stepped up and told me again about the OBE sex — and how it needs done NOW. I just nod my head in agreement.

Merlin pulled me over to the long wooden table and told me to cast a spell. Any spell. So I did do one – on things moving the way I want them to. When I cast the spell, I could feel the electricity move through my physical body — it was so strange. Then he told me to do one more. And I did about money — again with the same electric zing through my physical body.

I told them that I’ve learned too much on this trip and that I wanted to go back home. Information overload. So they bid their farewells and told me to go back through the light. I did and Bill and Will were there. They each told me good bye and I was done.

I really do think that I am getting too much information. Too much for my human mind to grasp. No wonder I’m tired:) But it is food for thought.

The last couple of days Bill has been showing up more. Not all the time – but more often. It’s nice to see him. He’s a source of comfort. Of course some times he’s a source of aggravation — but it’s been a while for that.

If any of you follow me as Alison Ashby in The L Word in Second Life – I’m being auctioned off for a good cause tomorrow (Thursday ) night. Stop by and bid on me and help support the gay and lesbian community:) Info on how to find me is in the side bar:)

I’d better run for now — too much to do and not much time to get it all done!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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