Imagination, Wine Or The Truth?

Imagination, Wine Or The Truth?

I wanted to put off today’s session till this afternoon as I have deadlines breathing down my neck. No such luck. I keep hearing myself being called to enter – so here I go…..

I’m immediately taken to an outside courtyard in a private manor. I can see the stone manor off to my right – three levels tall with a turret on each end. Massive gardens cascade down the back until they reach where I am standing – on a stone patio, next to me is a three-tiered, round, stone fountain. Up top water is spouting from a cherub, holding a harp. I feel a prick to my left shoulder. I turn and it’s Bill. He’s in a long-sleeved white shirt, brown trousers that appear to gather at his ankles – bare feet. In his hand he holds a fencing sword. His shirt is unbuttoned, three down, around his neck his wears something silver, but for some reason it’s blurred so that I cannot see what it is.

He tosses me my own fencing sword and motions for me to take a few steps backwards – I do. We cross blades and dual, each of us taking the upper hand at one point or another. He’s quick – but so am I and with every twist and turn I am right there with him. I can see frustration pour across his face – I get the sense that he thought I’d be easy. Poor man – not a chance have I ever been easy nor is it part of my nature to let another win. But this time — I could tell that he really wanted this match, so I screw up, on purpose and he disengages the sword from my hand – it flies into the fountain. His face lights up like a kid in a candy store. I try to act pissed off, but he sees right through me. He turns angry at his fake win. I tell him – don’t be angry, you got what you wanted. I wanted to win – but not this way he says back. Then next time — be more specific in your thoughts so that I can read them correctly.

Can you read what I’m thinking now? I ask. He frown turns into a smile and in two quick steps, I’m in his arms. He stares into my eyes for a second as I think — you’re right. With that, he sweeps me into his arms and gives me a deep – passionate – kiss. You know the kind that makes your toes curl:)

I hear a man clear his throat. We stop our kiss and I look over – it’s Ted. He shakes his head and calls us filthy mongers. We’re like – what? He laughs and says — I can read both of your thoughts remember! Bill and I turn a deep crimson red — some things are better left unsaid.

Before my eyes the entire scene – including Bill and Ted – fade form view and I’m in now — what I would consider a cloud. From my right Archangel Gabriel arrives. He walks up to me and kisses me on each cheek. He asks me to walk with him.

We move through the clouds as he tells me that I’m on the right path – that what I have figured out to what I believe to be truth – is in fact – truth. I ask if he is talking about the last couple of days with a certain ISP and then concerning the talk of a wealthy man about to enter my life with brown hair? He says – yes to both. Am I correct with the color of eyes and other distinguishing marks that I feel? He smiles and says – that I cannot tell you as if I say yes – you will not do something within the next week – and if I say no – you still will not do this one thing over the next week and it needs to be done. Can I ask what this one thing is? He says no. You will know when you know. Trust yourself.

He stops walking and stares into my eyes. Remember, he says, no matter what happens in your life you are never along, never without support. Nothing too great is given to you that you cannot handle. Now this makes me worry. I say to him – for a couple of weeks now I keep getting warnings that something major is about to happen in my life – something that is not in my control, but obviously makes a major impact in my life. Can I not have a hint? Anything to prepare for? He puts his hand on my shoulder – there is not way to prepare for this – but your life must be prepared, you must have a foundation to build upon. You have to make sure that your basic needs can be met.

Please tell me that this has nothing to do with my son. It is a great big fear of mine that something will happen to him — and for that — I know that I could never be prepared. Don’t worry my child- he says – it is not your son….but it will not be easy for you two for many months. There are hurdles that you will overcome, but it will not be easy. You will find strength that you did not know you possess.

With that he fades from view and I’m done.

Boy or boy — nothing like more for me to think about:) I hope that whatever it is I am to do in the next week – that my intuition tells me what it is and then I act on it instead over overanalyzing it to death. It’s very easy for me to use my intuition to help others – but to help myself I always seem to be my own worst enemy. I suppose we are all like that – doubtful of ourselves – our thoughts – even our convictions. It too is a chore for me to believe myself at times, just as it is for all of you to believe yourself. Human nature – sometimes a blessing — other times a curse.

I have though, been making conscious effort to work on and strengthen my telepathic connection to both Bill and Ted. Bill is much easier for me to connect and hold on to. I wonder if he has figured out that my voice in his head is not his imagination or the wine talking?

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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