I'm Sick With Worry…

I'm Sick With Worry…

I’m tired, I didn’t sleep well last night and now I’m being pulled into a session. There’s a panic in the air I can feel it. My 1st thought was to simply go to bed and work this out in my dreams. But I’m told that I have to work it out now and post this — the right person will come along and see it — and know what to do. So headache and all – here I go……

I’m pulled in immediately to a bright white light, then nothingness. Off to my right I can see Ted pacing…back and forth. His right hand rubs his chin, his left messes with his short hair. I quickly go to him and call out his name. He stops, looks at me — tears are in his eyes. I ask what’s wrong? He replies – I received your message last night. I don’t know what to do. I place my hand on his back, down on the right, at the bottom of his lung. It’s right here – I say. The energy is different. You must get to a doctor straight away. It’s important.

I can’t – Ted cries. Why not? I’m too bloody busy. I have no time to stop now. I force him to look me in the eyes — listen to me, you have to get that new scan, not an x-ray, but the new scans that detect even the smallest of tumors.

Is it still small – he inquires. I shake my head — it’s not the size of a pin head any longer, but getting bigger. It’ll spread. You have to get to a doctor. Your shortness of breath, the pain in your lower back, the headaches, the tiredness — it’s not because of the drinking or even your age. Your body is screaming out to you — now promise me that you will go.

His green eyes look so sad, so heart broken. He whispers — what if I die before we meet? You won’t, I tell him, you’re not supposed to. That’s why I’m here – that’s why I’m making such a stink about this. He wraps his arms around me and squeezes so tight — I can’t go through another life time without you. I put a touch of space between us and promise — you won’t have to.

Call Bill, I tell him. He knows, he sense this but he thinks it’s all in his head. If this was something that was just a passing whim, it wouldn’t keep coming up. And Archangel Raphael wouldn’t be standing behind you.

Ted turns and the Archangel opens up his arms. Ted goes to him and Raphael engulfs him in the safety of his arms. Go in peace, Raphael says, do what she says for with her it’s eternal love, unconditional love, and she tells you the truth. You know this in your heart. Ted nods and adds – and in my soul. Archangel Raphael smiles and sends light into Ted. Go and seek help on the Earth plane, we will stand by you, all around you, day and night until your health returns. And with that hundreds, if not thousands of angels appear all around us.

Ted turns to me and smiles, gives me one of his winks — and all fades from view.

This whole situation is making me sick. I can’t sleep, food doesn’t taste right. I’m worrying myself. My blood pressure is up, my patience is low. It’s so frustrating not to be able to pick up the phone and tell him — or to tell someone close to him. I mean, why would someone from inside his circle believe me – unless they ask him how he is feeling and he gives them the answers I listed. I can see him, his face as plain as day and he looks like hell. All one has to do is notice that the spark is gone from his eyes and it’s not because of his idiot girlfriend — but because he is hiding his health.

Now I’m going to bed. I hope that the person who is supposed to see this does see it…..and does the right thing.

BTW…if the person who is supposed to see this is new to the blog, Bill and Ted are NOT their real names. But I know that you’ll know who Ted is.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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