I'm Energized — And The Bunny Had Nothing To Do With It!

I'm Energized — And The Bunny Had Nothing To Do With It!

We were hit by severe thunderstorms from two sides last night. The lightning was a constant flash — almost as if a fluorescent light kept trying to kick on and did a few hundred times. The thunder was long, I can’t ever remember when the rumble lasted so long. My husband and I joked that it sounded like God bought a bowling alley!

But because of my energized environment, I had some jazzed up dreams. The 1st one I had last night, I was at my computer – chatting away with a guy I went to high school with, Todd. He had a web cam on his computer and was moving through his townhouse to show me where he lived. I can remember every detail as he moved through the three floors – it was a pretty nice place. As I was watching his house, I was also writing out a story – I think my Kyra books. I wasn’t in my office where I am now, it was a very large space and my desk took up one long wall. The computer flashed a bright light and that is when the 1st lightening strike woke me up.

I can vaguely remember me, Bill and Ted with a counsel of Elders. There was chanting, we three were in white, the energy was very charged. I wish I could remember what was said, but it was in a language that my conscious mind does not understand. From the Elders, a surge of energy hit us, strong enough to send us to our knees.

Another dream I was by myself in the middle of nowhere. A storm raged all around me. I kept hearing a strong male voice tell me – harness the energy. I was to take in the energy around me and refocus it. I was hesitant, I could feel how scared I was — but the voice said I needed to. I concentrated all of my might into becoming an energetic sponge. After only moments of doing this, I had a surge of energy that I have never felt before — ever — and it traveled right up my spine to my head – sending me direct to the ground. At the instant I hit the ground, I shot up in bed. My spine felt like it was on fire, and my head ached something fierce. The storm outside my house was just massive at this point. I couldn’t believe that my son wasn’t in bed with us!

I am very jazzed today – energetically speaking. A friend of mine needed some healing light as she is trying IVF to get pregnant and today is a big day. When I focused this morning on her, my hands took on a life of their own. The energy ball I had created and focused to send her was awesome – nothing like I’ve ever done before.

On a separate note, my husband says he is changing the way he lives – a healthier, less negative lifestyle. He brought this up because of the discussion we had with my high energy field bring the negativity buried within him to the surface – causing to him to have nightmares — night after night. He decided this the other day, went to bed and woke up telling me that the number 77 kept flashing in his dreams. I told him that the angels were giving him a message – I looked it up and it said: Congratulations! You’re on the right path mentally and physically. Stick to your intentions and stand your ground. He was pretty pleased with that message.

Ahhh..sleepy head Fred (AKA my son) is finally waking up:) Better run.

Have a wonderful day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

PS: For anyone lost on the title of this post, I was referring to the Energizer Bunny – the battery mascot:)

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