I'm Emotional Today and it's not PMS!

I'm Emotional Today and it's not PMS!

I entered into a real-time astral plane – meaning I’m one step removed from the real world, but I can see reality and if the people I’m around is in tune just right – they can see me. This is how I think I can see Bill and sometimes Ted visit me 🙂

Anyway – I walk into an office and see Bill. He is staring at the computer and reading a bunch of papers in his hands. I move towards him – he cocks his head to the side as if he feels I’m there. I can see that he is looking at my web site – the blog has been printed off and is in his hands. His ex enters. He asks her how long has she known? She answers not long.

He sighs. She asks what is he going to do. He shrugs. He wants to pick up the phone and call. But he’s worried about interrupting my life. She comments that she feels I want him to interrupt my life or I wouldn’t have printed the blog. He smiles and says that she’s probably right. She tells him not to be a chicken shit.

While this is going on I’m yelling at him to call me. He keeps rubbing his ear lobe. The louder I shout the more he rubs his ear. I see some movement off to my left. It’s the angel Brigit. She wants me to come with her. I don’t want to leave – I want Bill to call me. She smiles and says it will all work. The Divine is in motion. I’m trying to talk her out of it – but then she says that Ted needs me.

I walk through the light and there is Ted. He’s in a hotel room – looking like hell. He is on the edge of his bed, fiddling with his fingernails. His eyes are withdrawn and haggard looking. He wants to smoke – but it is in a non smoking room. I can see drawings of me on his bed. I look at them and say to Brigit “Oh God, he’s at that stage.” She nods yes. She goes on to say that he needs reassurance that he is not crazy. I laugh and say I’m the last person who can give reassurance. She hugs me and says for me not to sell myself short. I’m the glue keeping these two together. If I leave – they will exist only as a shell. I take a deep breath and move beside Ted. He glances around like he can feel I’m there. I tell him that what he sees is truth – that I exist and that we will meet soon. That once I meet Bill – I will meet him. He gets tears in his eyes. I hear him sigh and say that he is tired of waiting. Tired of suffering. I reach out my hand and touch the top of his – he looks down as if he really felt my touch. He smiles. There is a knock on his door – a voice calls that it is time to go.

Brigit says we have to go too. I start to move towards the light we just left – back to Bill. She grasps my arm and says no. Another light opens up and we enter.

I’m now in Atlantis in front of a bathing pool – outdoors. Brigit smiles and me and disappears. Two young women remove my gown. Naked – I step into a wonderful warm pool of greenish/blue water. Same water that is in my cave. I look up and the sky is full of beautiful stars – the night is so clear I can see it all. The two women start to bathe me. It feels really relaxing. But I then think to myself – why can’t I have two young men bathing me? Next thing I know – Bill and Ted are there and say they heard my call.

Next thing I know I’m dressed and sitting in the center of 9 crystals – their points are all turned into me. I close my eyes for meditation and the crystals “activate” and I can feel intense beams of light from all 9 crystals streaming into me. I can sense that the stones/crystals that I am looking for in today’s world, materialize around me. So I open my eyes and everything disappears and the crystal deactivate. Clive walks up to me and says that Athena wishes to see me:) He kisses me on the forehead and says that I will get the hang of things:) I start to get up and I can hear a deep voice say “Not now”. A strong force pulls me backwards and I wake up.

Every time I discover a new fragment – get a new memory and see Bill and Ted – life gets just a bit harder. How many days do we all have to suffer being apart? Our souls may be eternal – but our bodies, our hearts and our minds are not. I’m tired of hurting – they’re tired of hurting. When will that break happen? When will that next step finally be set into motion? None of us know – we can only hope and pray that today is the day. What I wouldn’t give to receive that call.

Before you ask – yes – I did sense that he saw my blog. I had the same over emotional, knee buckling reaction as I did when I first discovered who he is to me. Thank God this time I was sitting down:)

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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