Ian, Owen, and Jimmy!

Ian, Owen, and Jimmy!

Men always seem to come into my energy in threes. Bill, Ted and then Will. Ben, Todd and Rick. Thomas, Nathan (who I don’t think I’ve actually talked about here), and Vincent. Then finally Ian, Owen and Jimmy. I don’t understand it, but I don’t argue the point either. I look at it as a gift. These hot men (in my eyes anyways) come into my energy because of past life connections. I’m thinking somewhere down the line I must of had A LOT of fun 🙂 Looking forward to it in this life.

Now I know I can hear some of you groan – past lives — is she serious? As a heart attack I am! I flat out refuse to beleive that our wonderful souls only have one go around. There’s too much to do. Too much to see. Too many to love. And too much to learn for only one lifetime.

Jimmy is something else. He has the longing – the searching – of Ian. The smokey intensity of Owen (more on him later) and the spiritual strength of Vincent and Will combined. He is a powerhouse to reckon with. I’m not too sure why he came searching for me – now. A trigger maybe that opened up a past life memory?

The thing with Jimmy is water. Lots of flow. He can be as calm as a smooth lake or as intense as a tidal wave and I think as destructive as a tsunami if pushed the wrong way. Every time I try to zone in on our past lives, it’s strange as in I get “pulled in” to his eyes and I can feel my stomach drop hard (harder than it would for astral travel), almost like dropping into a funnel. I can’t get through the funnel to learn anything. All I know is that it is a really intense life past that funnel.

OBE sex wise – his energy is super intense. I haven’t been sleeping well at all because of his energy. Super intense dreaming I can’t remember. Just bits (which I realize are important) but I can’t put it together yet — there’s a jagged mirror, an ocean wave, country road, green grass, a fire pit. Each are a glimpse of remembrance. One thing that I DO remember, is his mouth – soft lips, salty tongue. Strong – strong kisser. The kind that makes you forget that you need to breathe. SIGH.

Ian has been peeking around the corner (so to speak). He’s been like – hey — who is this Jimmy dude? The other night we had a dream visit. I was lying in a tub of something wet and soft. I know – sounds odd. It reminded me of jello with whipped cream. But I was at a spa, and this gel stuff was soothing, soft and it pulled out all of my stress. I was in one tub, he was in the tub next to me and we were holding hands. In the tubs we were butt ass naked. It was very serene. I honestly wanted to stay there all flipin` night.

Now Owen. This guy is super sexy and could curl my toes just by stepping in the room. It was like – holy shit. He is super sex-i-sized. All I can remember about him is that when he shows up, energy ripples throughout my body. I remember nothing else.

I’m looking forward to falling asleep tonight. Hopefully Jimmy will let me actually sleep a bit!

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂

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