Ian, Death and Second Chances

Ian, Death and Second Chances

Or is it third chances, fourth chances…maybe even fifth chances. Life is amazing that it continues gives a shot after show until we get it right. Depending on what it is that we have to get right – those shots could be clustered in one life, or across many lifetimes.

I thought about that today because of the quick vision I had of Ian. I notice that events that I watch, music that I listen to or even places that I visit trigger past life memories.

The one today involved Ian. What I was watching was someone getting shot and dying in a woman’s arms. What flashed before me was me watching Ian get shot multiple times. Someone killed the gunman I was trying to stop Ian from bleeding out. A wave of emotions shot through me when I witnessed this quick scene. Shock, pain, fear, love — all at once.

I have no idea what the relationship was with Ian – but it was one with a foundation of respect. I also have no idea if he died. I had a sinking feeling through the vision. I wish it would have went on just a bit longer. I can vaguely remember a cold tile floor, bland colors. A bank maybe? It was all too quick to get a sense of the clothing.

The couple of visions I have had with Ian, seems to deal with a surprise – and not in a good way. One was a train wreck and now a shooting. That got me thinking — did we ever have a normal relationship where one of us just went on our marry old way or died of old age? Could that be what this life is for? Are we supposed to get it right this time around?

It’s given me food for thought for the day. Think about yourself and what relationships you’re supposed to get right in this life.

I know that the reason I’m here this time at all is because of relationships. Man – relationships are hard — they take a lot of work. Even when they flow, there is still work involved.

Death, whether it is a physical death or the death of an idea/situation/life phase is an ending, but it’s also a new beginning. People look at death wrong – it’s not the end all to be all. It’s the end so that a new beginning can blossom. With any new beginning or change comes stress, elation, depression, fear, anger, raw nerves and a fresh perspective on everything around you.

Don’t you think a physical death gives you a unique perspective on the life your soul just led? If only we could remember our regrets, our joys and sorrows for when the next life arrives – and it always will – we know not to hold back on love.

I’m always curious why do we hold back on love? I wonder this about myself as well as other people. The excuse I hear (and give myself) is the wish not to be hurt again – not to get stabbed in the back and have it feel like our heart drained into the bowels of hell.

No one wants that kind of pain. But on the flip side – along with that pain comes the capacity to feel the strongest magic ever created – love. When we give up the chance of being hurt – we also give up the chance to exchange the greatest – most powerful – force in the universe. I don’t know about you – but by looking at relationships in that manner – I wouldn’t give up love just so I can spare myself pain.

Pain you get over. Not loving and not being loved puts a hole in your soul that you cannot get over.

More food for thought…….


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