I Overestimated Just A Bit…

I Overestimated Just A Bit…

The pain in my mouth that is….

I had every intention of doing the Ask Allie podcast today — but I got my 1st fillings today and I honestly had no idea how much my damn mouth would hurt after the numbness wore off. Plus it doesn’t help that I have a canker sore on my tongue (it’s huge – the sore not the tongue – LOL) and where my tongue connects to my throat.

So my mouth is killing me and I can finally speak complete sentences. But I’m damn tired and have a killer headache – so I’m going to bed. I can’t seem to get to bed early to save my life — even like today when I’m dragging….

A few weeks ago I set out to see if I could get a copy of Bill’s divorce papers. I searched around for the information I need to submit my request, paid the fine and waited.

Well today it arrived. I read through the papers and got to the end where it’s signed. He signed it Sept 4, 1997.

When did I get the papers? Sept 4, 2007.

I read the papers 10 years after he signed them to the day.

What were the odds? There are no odds and for me this was just yet another sign that it’s time.

Soul Mates for eternity — no matter how I look at it – I can’t help but love that tid bit.

I’m off to bed:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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