I Must Have A Penis — Or Do I?

I Must Have A Penis — Or Do I?

I had every intention of writing this last night during LOST – but alas what happened? The evil sick bug that has had a hold on my house finally zapped me. Dammit all! But, a fighter till the end, I refuse to succumb to this nasty whatever bug. I’m popping Vit C and Airbourne like they are going out of style. I’ll have that all-over Florida ray of sunshine come tomorrow morning:)

Have you taken advantage of my e-book give-a-way in celebration of the one-year anniversary? If the post for the e-book is no longer below this one, than that means its over and you missed it. Better luck next year!

Speaking of years, what a year it has been! I’ve discovered some amazing tid bits over the last 12 months! Especially that I have a penis. I mean, I must have based on the number of emails I’ve gotten from the penis enlargement people telling me how bad I need their services! All those people telling me about my all important male appendage must be right — after all, they keep banging me over the head with their insight and wisdom. They are so convinced that their way is the correct way – that they are 100% correct. I mean, they act so certain – so matter a fact — right?

WRONG! I do not have a penis, nor will I ever have one grow from my body – ever.

Now why did I bring the above up, besides the fact that those guys are annoying? Because no matter how hard they try to get me to believe their spiel I don’t and won’t buy it – because I know without a doubt that they are 100% wrong. Just like I know that they people who tell me that Bill and Ted are not my soul mates, but a delusion or fantasy to escape reality are 100% wrong. Because the people who tell me that there is a greater chance doctors finding an independent working brain cell in George W. Bush then me finally physically meeting Bill and Ted. To those people I say you are 100% wrong (but not about GW Bush).

To the countless others who cannot fathom that I could have been Joan of Arc or Cleopatra or even experienced past lives from the wild west, roaring twenties, Atlantis, Lemuria, WWII or Vietnam — you know what I say??? Get a life!

To the perplexed ones who think that my soul circle/cluster is a vital part of my imagination conjured up so Bill and Ted wouldn’t get lonely – I think Larry, Clive, Fred, Peter and crew would argue that Bill and Ted are there to amuse them — not they other way around!

To the faithless who think that my visits from Robert, Jezel, Hanna, Brigit, the archangels and Jesus are the result from a really good smoke. When was the last time you reached out? When was the last time you asked for help? Ask and you will find that you are not as alone as you once thought.

Point is, no matter how many times you hear something or read something, if in your heart you know the truth — then that’s all that counts. Stick to your beliefs, your convictions for they are who you are and who you will become.

At times it is a necessary to go outside our comfort zone in order so that we can stick to our convictions. I am a very private person. I don’t like talking about myself, I’m the type who has always liked to sit back and listen to others speak about themselves and their lives. When I meet people, or when at a family gathering or with friends, I always hear – you’re so quiet (my two sisters may disagree about this, but I am the quiet one out of us 3), what’s wrong? That’s just me – I tend to keep my business to myself or with a few friends. So the fact that I am putting out there my innermost hope and progress to many people – mostly strangers who I will never talk with or meet – is a very uncomfortable step for me. Makes me nervous. I wish you could see how long it takes me to actually post something. I look over it repeatedly to make sure that I didn’t include too much – reveal too much of myself. But then I can hear my guide Robert say – come on. So I add stuff back in and I cringe when I hit the post button. But I do it, because I know I’m supposed to. I know that this helps me with my convictions and helps other people find theirs. I KNOW this and this is why I do it.

Are the guys upset with me because I post here? No. If I used their real names without their permission – then yes. But since I’ve kept their identities for the most part a secret – it’s a no, they don’t mind. I had someone ask if Bill or Ted was worth being connected to as they appear to not want to be bothered with (Bill more than Ted) most times. What can I say? It’s like if someone were to ask you – do you want to live without your heart or your lungs? What would you say? You need both. And so do I — so do I.

This last year I am amazed and astounded at what I’ve encountered. I know that I’m on the tip of the iceberg with so much more to uncover, explore and marvel. I am eternally grateful for those who stop by and for those who pass the blog onto interested parties.

Step our of your comfort zone and “Chances Are” you will find the life, and the people, you’ve been searching for — your soul’s fuel.

Here’s to another amazing year of discovery!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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