I Love The Shower!

I Love The Shower!

I’m thinking that Will really likes the shower. That – or when he has a chance to connected telepathically, it just so happens to coincide with my shower. Ether way, I’ll take it:)

Today Will was busy kissing my neck while I was trying to tell him about my sister being in New Orleans today. Because of yesterday’s experience, I was prepared for a realistic encounter – and I certainly was not disappointed. It’s odd how the physical body responds, including physical movements, to telepathic sex. My mouth part as if I was actually getting a physical kiss. The left side of my neck, goose bumps from where I was getting kissed. Pulses of energy down my spine to my….(what can I say here that is okay in case someone under 18 stopped by – pussy, cunt, vagina — but really, how sexy does it sound to say my vagina was turned on?)…and then down both legs simultaneously, out the bottom of my feet and intro the water below. This continued through the entire telepathic encounter.

Kissing, kissing, kissing – so very distracting when one was trying to talk. He said he doesn’t have a lot of time – he has to get going and get to work. My response was that he has gone this far, and if he’s not inside soon, then he’s not coming back tomorrow.

He called me a stubborn something or other — not that it mattered as he did what I wanted:) Now when we first started talking and him kissing on me – there was no back drop – we weren’t anywhere. But now that he was inside, we were in a large marble shower – I was on the marble bench seat and he was kneeling in front of me — and gosh, the bench was the perfect height (not bitching just commenting that in telepathic sex, there are no awkward angles). His hands were grabbing my butt cheeks as he thrusted away. Without realizing it, until it was over and the release was found – I had been thrusting my hips right along with him (of course from an observers POV, I would have been thrusting air).

I’m not floored – but simply amazed.

Another great way to start my day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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