I know – I should of went to the ER!

I know – I should of went to the ER!

Okay, so today I’m minding my own business, cleaning out old candle wax from one of my glass candle holders I use for spells. Earlier in the day – Bill was demanding my time and energy – and it was getting annoying. So I decided to send him some love and light and remind him not to be so clingy and impatient. Well, 30 min later is when I have a pair of scissors in my hand and I’m digging at the wax.

I feel a hand on my right shoulder and the brush of lips on my neck (my hair was up in a ponytail). It startled me so much that I jammed the scissors too hard – broke the candle holder and shoved the scissors into my right ring finger, hitting the bone. Needless to say – it hurt like hell. I dropped everything and had a river of blood flowing out of my finger onto everywhere – the desk, the floor, the chair.. I grabbed some tissues and applied pressure. I did this for about 10 minutes. The blood won’t stop and I was starting to feel sick. The hubby and child were at the store – should I call him, I wonder? I decided – no. I lie down on the couch with more tissues. I take a glance at my finger – I can see the bone through the brief moment of no blood flow. Not good. 15 minutes later I got the blood to stop altogether.

Hubby came back – told him my tale. He took a look – mentioned that it needed stitches (mom said the same thing along with the need for a Tetanus shot). It stopped bleeding – I wasn’t going to have anyone touch it.

I jump in the shower. You could have sworn I stepped into the shower scene from ‘Psycho”. I finally got it to stop bleeding – again. But man – now it really hurt. Went from a dull ache to a constant sharp throbbing. Not good.

I’ll see what happens in the morning before I make another call to my doctors. Sheesh – who ever thought the last few days before I turned 38 would be so exciting?

That darn rock kept me awake last night. No more going to bed with it in my room, I don’t care what it has to tell me. When I did sleep – it was more of the unlocking a gift – getting permission to understand more of the wisdom I have stored from previous lives. There is also a man who keeps showing up – I’ve been discounting him as I chalked it up to watching a TV show he’s on (or was – he’s been killed off). But the bugger is being very persistent and even arriving during my meditations with Bill. I guess I’ll have to see what he wants or discover what part he is to play in my life.

Below this blog entry is another entry from today about the wildhorses and canned hunts. Please read and pass on to everyone you know.

Have a great night!

Until tomorrow…

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