I Hit A Wall and So Much More!

I Hit A Wall and So Much More!

I didn’t seem to get very far in today’s session.

The first imagine I received was of Bill sitting and looking at a stack of papers. I couldn’t see what was on the papers – but he kept shaking his head back in forth as if he was in disbelief and had tears running down his face.

I then flashed to my son, crying and me trying to comfort him. Jesus is behind him and surrounds us both with white light. My son jumps into my arms and gives me a big hug.

I move to Ted, laughing and shaking hands as if he just closed a new deal.

Then I go back to Bill and he’s pissed – slamming down the phone and throwing things around. He has to start a new project that he does not want to do.

I hear Jesus say ‘before the next calendar year” – no idea what that points to.

I see myself writing and fulfilling orders for the books. My calendar is packed full of events, including a panel and workshop.

Then I come to a large white wall (reminds me of the white complex I always find myself visiting in dreams) with a door. I try the knob and it is locked. I’m trying to get in and I hear a voice tell me that I’m not supposed to know yet. Be patient – that this is a surprise worth waiting for.

And that’s it:)

Book is moving right along. Waiting for the other parts to come together and it’s still on the agenda for an Aug release:) I was working on my Gypsy Girl Press web site under the “Upcoming Books” section. This is what I wrote down:


Gypsy Magic for the __________’s Soul Series:
Romany Books Of Spells, Sachets, Oils and Incense!

Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul
Gypsy Magic for the Prosperity’s Soul
Gypsy Magic for the Family’s Soul
Gypsy Magic for the Dreamer’s Soul
Gypsy Magic for the Healer’s Soul


Trinity: A Personal Quest for Soul Mate Reunification

The Goal Sourcebook: Metaphysical tips and a yearly plan to help you reach your goals.

The Black Triangle: An adult historical story based on my screenplay of the same name, about a gypsy woman who struggles to reunite with her lost love but must survive her growing feelings for an SS officer while in service to the Nazis in Munich during the holocaust. Based on actual events.

Shadows of the Soul: Book 1 in the young adult series featuring Kyra, a gypsy teen who is able to bridge two worlds as she solves a mystery to save her father from death.

Boy – is that an energetic list or what? 2005 – no problem. 2006 – some prayers and free time will do nicely:) My goal for 2006 is to at least get 2 done. The other 2 will have to wait until 2007.

My sis is home from Calif for the next two weeks. It’s interesting to hear who she has met at the Polo Lounge. It ranges from former First Lady Nancy Regan, to Faith Hill to Ringo Starr. Every day seems to bring a new adventure.

I can’t believe how stinking hot it is today. At 5:30 am I went out for my walk and then it was suffocating. Grrrrrr…..

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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