I Have A Headache With Bill And Ted Written All Over It!

I Have A Headache With Bill And Ted Written All Over It!

I can honestly say that I don’t know where the day has gone. I spent the better part of the a.m. doing final edits on two of the erotica lines. The afternoon and then this evening I know that I’ll be doing the same to make sure they are polished before they had to audio. The launch of the company has been pushed back until late August, beginning of September. Which is perfect for me as I’ll be writing my books all summer starting on Monday. My son is home today, much needier than the norm. Maybe he unconsciously is getting jumpy for his 1st day of Kindergarten, which is Aug 23rd.

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I had something going on behind the scenes in regards to the two guys? Well, I still can’t or won’t tell you what was done, but it was a success and to me, that’s what counts. Success means different things to different people, so don’t go jumping to any conclusions:)

I had a couple of people write me and ask what is happening with “The Black Triangle” this summer? In short – nothing. My guides haven’t pushed the story, so I am wanting to work on it again come fall. Providing I have all done from the summer that I’m supposed to!

I’ve tried several times to do a session today with no luck. My mind just cannot quiet down. Bill and Ted are right in my face today — not so much so that I am “seeing” them, but so that they are in my thoughts. I cam hear different snippets of what is going on in their lives – almost as if I was trying to tune in a radio station and getting it — but not quite. Ted keeps having words with a younger woman, could be his girlfriend. There’s a lot of tension and accusations flying about. Looks like Ted’s London flat is in a state of destruction. Almost as if he “lost it” and just started ripping the place apart. My head is killing me from his high state of emotions. I can sense a daughter arriving to check on dad – I think the middle child and she is just beside herself on the state her dad is in. He is supposed to be at work, but didn’t want to go as thing there are not going as he wants them to. With a bottle of gin, a couple of pieces of paper, a picture and a painting, he locks himself in his room to be left alone.

God my head is killing me. I’ve even tried sending light to him, but my head hurts too dang much! My head feels like the “morning after” a big binge. Sheesh — at least if I’m going to feel this way, let me have the booze to back it up! LOL!

Bill on the other hand, his emotions are not so charged as Ted’s. Bill is more like he is in a quest for knowledge. Like he wants to put two and two together and needs a back up to make sure he is correct. He has plenty going on — so much so that I’m surprised that he has any time on all to find out any information about anything. He’s been committing to too many obligations, so he is stressed about that.

SIGH – I love my son but dog gone it he isn’t letting me get anything done – LOL!

Have a great evening!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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