Ex Husbands, Dreams and Big Houses

Ex Husbands, Dreams and Big Houses

Since getting divorced several years ago, I periodically dream with an ex husband (there are two). Since prior to getting divorced the 2nd time in 2007, I rarely ever dreamt about ex hubby #1.I still don’t actually – but when I do it’s usually be asking him to get the hell out of my life.

Now with ex #2, when I would dream with him, we were always still married – abit unhappily married. He would still have his girlfriend (which is the physcial reality he lives with) but he and I would still be married and sometimes living under the same roof.

Now in the physical reality you could not pay me enough money to still be with him. Seriously, no amount of money.

Before the last few weeks – the dreams had us in hotels or run down houses. The last few weeks we have been in big wonderful houses. Last night I was in a big wonderful house and he was in a different house – we were living apart and he still had his girlfriend and they were moving in together.

So I/we went from hotels and crappy house with him having a GF but us still being married to us in a big house to me in a big house and he living with his GF.

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

To be honest, I’m not sure. Except that I think that in the dreamscape the process of separation and moving forward was still happening.

The dreamscape and the physical reality do not coincide – at least not in this instance. When I fall asleep the ex is not even on my mind – no where in it. Yet, especially in the last few weeks he’s been there every single night. Could it be him thinking of me and pulling me into the dreams? Sure it could happen.

But I like the progression in the dreams – poor and miserable (and married) to wealthy and happy (plus divorced). Now this is not how I view marriage (poor and miserable) – I think any relationship is the result of what you put into it – what each partner puts into it. You can’t have a successful relationship if only one person is putting in the time and the work.

When a romantic relationship has ended in your life – whether it’s a marriage that ended, dating relationship, partnership, etc…. did you find yourself dreaming about your ex? If so – were they dreams that reflected reality? Or did they consist of happy times? Not so happy times? Did they progress like mine did?

We’ve all had break-ups and I’m really curious how your dreams turned out. Comment below!

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