Howard Shore, Stepping Up To The Plate And Will!

Howard Shore, Stepping Up To The Plate And Will!

I just got back from my self-date to the Howard Shore/Cleveland Orchestra concert. In a word – magical. It was fabulous! Howard Shore is an intense conductor to watch and he’s commanding without being domineering. I only wish that they would have shown more conceptual art of the characters – or matched the conceptual art (shown on 3 screens) with the part of the movie they were playing from. But gosh — it was good. My left eye kept tearing up – it was very strange to have one eye cry and not the other. Well worth the price of admission and the long drive to get there!

But during the concert – I kept getting the message that I’m the magnet. You’re the magnet Allie – pull them together. Also – stop pretending not to be who you are. Step up to the plate. Now towards the end during the “Return of the King” soundtrack – the call for me to get us 5 (me, Will, Matt, Ted and Bill) together was so strong that my body trembled and I couldn’t stop it. The trembles happen when I have an energy shift. I could see my guide Ethan in front of me telling me it’s time. I assured him that I know.

I have a bunch of fire trucks and ambulances flying past my house — reminds me of last night! SIGH — I always have excitement on my road — not sure why, but what the hell. Last night about 2:30 am there was a high speed chase down my street. I heard the car that they were chasing zoom past at what had to be over 100 mph. Then police car after police are zipped past at incredible speed — until — a party was letting out a couple of doors down. One party go-er pulled out of the driveway – BAM – a sheriff’s car ran right into her SUV! Damn – it was so LOUD! Response time was under 20 seconds for the cops to arrive. The sheriff’s car was screwed up. The SUV had damage – but not near what the car had. The impact was so great that the SUV spun around a few times before it stopped. Overall – everyone was fine – thank God! But it could have been so much worse. So for the next 1 1/2 hours I had a light show going on outside my house. I fell back to sleep around 4 – 4:15 am only to be awoken at 8:00 am by super snoop – Indiana Jones — he was hungry and had to pee:) So I took a nap before I went to the concert, and had a very interesting dream visit with Will. I actually wrote it down so I would remember it all to tell you:)

I was dreaming about the concert tonight – yet it was a very formal occasion in my dream. Men in tuxes, ladies in gowns and even had a master of ceremony. I went to get ready for the concert and passed the master of ceremony – it was Richard Thomas (John Boy – Waltons). He was staring at me so oddly – like willing me to stare at him. So I did and smiled – told him Hi and Good Luck with the concert. He nodded at me — but he didn’t take his eyes off of me until I was in the door of the building. It was a bit unnerving. On the way out as I was going in was Will, in a tux, with a large group of men – we didn’t talk and I don’t think he saw me.

I am walking in with some woman into the concert. It’s a long carpeted hallway – red carpet – very plush (nothing like the actual concert which was outdoors). On the way into the theater, my cell phone rang. I answered it and the guy just starts to talk to me like we are old friends. I heard him say – so you really are stepping out on your husband. I entered a room and shut the door so I could hear him (the concert had started). I told him no – we’re divorced. He laughs and says he knows, he’s just kidding with me. I’m thinking that this guy is my friend Dan. But I ask him who he is – I apologize than I can’t place a name with the voice. He said his name was Lawrence Taylor (I know no such man right now in real life) and that he was friends with my father.

Next thing I know, I am trying to find a bathroom – and of course none of them are clean. So I give up and leave. I see Will hiding under a table — no idea why. I crawl under there and ask if he has a 19 yr old niece? He nods and I tell him that she is in trouble. He said he knows.

Now we are in my mother’s kitchen – but it’s not my mother’s kitchen in real life. I’m talking to my mom about my dad and ask her if he lives in Louisiana or Alabama now (he actually lives in FL in real life). Will looks at me and smiles — says my, my — isn’t that a coincidence. Will tells me that he has to write a letter to Charlotte (no idea who this is – but I felt it was a girlfriend or maybe an ex) – I asked him if I could borrow him first. Mom said something smart ass that had us laughing and I had Will in my old blue bedroom (I had this room from ages 6 – 12). He was filthy dirty like he had been working on a car. He was wiping his hands off. I pushed him against the wall and he called me frisky:) I told him that I’ve missed him and he replied – I’ve missed you too baby.

I kissed him – he kissed me back. Then our tongues met and he let out a groan/sigh. We were really getting into the kissing when for some reason my head jerked forward twice real fast and I had no control over the jerk motions. I stood there thinking – WTF?! I couldn’t feel Will any longer, I opened my eyes (they were closed as we were kissing) and when I did that I woke up.

So very odd.

I’m off to finish my glass of wine and head to bed — it’s after 2:00 am already!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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